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2.3 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Rolling Rolling 0.83 02/19/2018 05:52:02
Earn 70,000 bonus points
Sorry For Your Clutch, Marcus Sorry For Your Clutch, Marcus 0.34 02/10/2017 12:47:47
Finish the tutorial

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
My Very First Car My Very First Car 1.22
Buy your first car at a car dealer
Gotta Catch 'em all Gotta Catch 'em all 1.53
Buy 10 cars at a car dealer
Look, this thing called a wrench Look, this thing called a wrench 1.40
Buy two garage upgrades
Growing a beard Growing a beard 1.47
Buy three garage upgrades
The Sacred Mechanic The Sacred Mechanic 1.50
Buy 4 garage upgrades
How even use it? How even use it? 1.17
Switch manual gearbox for the first time
Hey, this looks like fun! Hey, this looks like fun! 1.35
Switch manual gearbox over 100 times
Do you even shift? Do you even shift? 1.51
Omg! Switch manual gearbox over 2000 times
Teriyaki Drift Teriyaki Drift 1.56
Have supraIV, sky and x7 in a garage
Bavarian spicy Bavarian spicy 1.56
Three different models of one famous Bavarian manufacturer in your garage
Sheikh'o'Drift Sheikh'o'Drift 1.56
Have SLS in your garage
The Dealer The Dealer 1.51
Sell your first car in market
A Name You Can Trust A Name You Can Trust 1.53
Sell 40 cars in the marketplace
Overlord Overlord 1.55
Make it to the top of a leaderboard
Banana Slip Banana Slip 1.41
Drift for 300 meters in one turn
Slippery when wet Slippery when wet 1.53
Drift for 600 meters in one turn
Tire Desintegrator Tire Desintegrator 1.54
Drift for 1000 meters in one turn
Drift Like There Is No Tomorrow Drift Like There Is No Tomorrow 1.54
Wicked! Drift for 1500 meters in one turn
Hustla Hustla 1.51
Earn 25,000 rupees in marketplace
Dillinger Dillinger 1.51
Earn 1,000,000 rupees in marketplace
Wall-Street Fund Wall-Street Fund 1.55
Earn 10,000,000 rupees in marketplace
Great Start Great Start 1.29
Win 5 online races
Deal with it Deal with it 1.48
Win 30 online races
Eat my smoke Eat my smoke 1.53
Win 300 online races
Batman bin suparman Batman bin suparman 1.56
Make it to the top 5 of any leaderboard
Look, No Hands! Look, No Hands! 1.00
Earn 500,000 bonus points
Protocol: DRIFT Protocol: DRIFT 1.21
You are a machine! 3kk in bonus points!
Le Cutie Pie! Le Cutie Pie! 1.46
Create your first vinyl wrap
Da Vinylci Da Vinylci 1.53
Create 5 vinyl wraps
Wrap It Like A Pro Wrap It Like A Pro 1.55
Create 20 wraps
Here we go!..again Here we go!..again 1.25
Just finish 10 races
The Survivor The Survivor 1.42
Finish 50 races
Rocky Rocky 1.54
What a spirit! Finish 500 races
They Don't Know You They Don't Know You 1.54
Finish 5 sponsor contracts
They Want You They Want You 1.55
Finish 10 sponsor contracts
They Adore You They Adore You 1.55
Finish 20 sponsor contracts
The Long Start Of A Journey The Long Start Of A Journey 0.95
Travel 5000 meters. And don't forget a towel.
Ticket To Wonderland, Please Ticket To Wonderland, Please 1.07
Travel 10,000 meters. Here, take this shrooms.
Wayfarer Wayfarer 1.45
Travel 100,000 meters.
Lap One Lap One 1.48
Finish 1 lap
Mo Farah Mo Farah 1.54
Finish 100 laps
Infinity Infinity 1.55
To infinity and Beyond. Finish 600 laps.
Pretty Face Pretty Face 1.52
Buy 5 front bumpers
Doll Face Doll Face 1.53
Buy 15 front bumpers
Visage Visage 1.54
Buy 25 front bumpers
What a view What a view 1.55
Oh,yeah! Buy 5 rear bumpers.
That Some Booty Collector That Some Booty Collector 1.55
Buy 15 rear bumpers
Rear Bumper Lover Rear Bumper Lover 1.55
Buy 25 rear bumpers
Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert 1.51
Buy 5 spoilers
OOOH YEAAAH! Comes with Special Sauce. Buy 25 spoilers.
Wings Of Speed Wings Of Speed 1.54
Buy 15 spoilers
No road too straight No road too straight 1.48
Drift for 150 km in total
This is a drift world This is a drift world 1.53
Drift for 600 km in total
Badges! Badges! Badges! Badges! 1.42
Achieve 75 Perfect Drift
The Ultimate Perfect Drift Badges Master The Ultimate Perfect Drift Badges Master 1.55
Achieve 3000 Perfect Drift
The Longest Achievement The Longest Achievement 1.54
Drift for 1500 km in total
Badges Magnet Badges Magnet 1.45
Achieve 150 Perfect Drift

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