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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
The Path is Clear The Path is Clear 0.52 07/13/2016 18:27:57
DLC Only: Collect all 9 map pieces
Dragon Momma's Hoard Dragon Momma's Hoard 0.51 07/13/2016 18:27:57
DLC Only: Unlock all the chests in The Dragon's Treasure
Orcrist Orcrist 0.52 07/13/2016 18:21:47
DLC Only: Defeat every goblin in Pirate's Booty Boneyard
Troll Hunter Troll Hunter 0.52 07/13/2016 18:03:04
DLC Only: Defeat both trolls in The Troll Returns
Fright Club Fright Club 0.50 07/13/2016 18:03:04
DLC Only: Have Stickenstein beat up 5 zombies in Maze the Dead
Fork in the Road Fork in the Road 0.51 07/13/2016 15:24:22
DLC Only: Take the shortcut in It's Getting Hot in Here
Risky Buzziness Risky Buzziness 0.52 07/13/2016 15:12:31
DLC Only: Beat Mine Your Own Beeswax without raining on any flowers
Rabbit Wrangling Rabbit Wrangling 0.51 07/13/2016 03:59:46
DLC Only: Herd a bunny to Bunny Island in Deja Phew
Heartless Heartless 0.50 07/13/2016 03:57:13
DLC Only: Poor bunnies... (Deja Phew)
A Clue A Clue 0.46 07/13/2016 03:55:55
DLC Only: Collect your first map piece

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