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Rank 189803
Achievements 68 (46.93 points)
Number of games and DLCs 4
Number of all owning games 7
Badges 5 (975 XP)
Member since November 12, 2013
Total playing time 170.2 hours
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Game Unlocked achievements Locked achievements
Current best # Points Next easiest # Points
Age of Empires II: HD Edition 1.6399345398Marking the First HundredOne Hundred Random MapsRising StarA Thousand Heaps of RubbleRandom Civilization Twenty Five VictoriesRandom Civilization VictoryEnemy of the Britons 48 37.47 0.5690222979Hosted First GameCreation of your first Wonder of the WorldFive WondersProtecting the PriestsPower of PersuasionLive to Fight Another DayMaster of the Siege 148 256.16
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Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms 0.2818966508Foe of the Malians 1 0.28 0.2670403421Foe of the EthiopiansFoe of the PortugueseFoe of the BerbersMaster of the Medieval WorldConquerors Campaign CompletedTariq ibn Ziyad Campaign CompletedEnemy of the Ethiopians 30 25.76
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Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten 1.6834607124Prithviraj Campaign CompletedSforza Campaign CompletedEl Dorado Campaign CompletedFoe of the IndiansFoe of the IncasFoe of the MagyarsFoe of the Italians 7 8.53 0.8822849989Foe of the SlavsAlaric Campaign CompletedEnemy of the ItaliansEnemy of the IndiansEnemy of the IncasDracula Campaign CompletedEnemy of the Slavs 31 52.27
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0.1002419442BallisticWar of AttritionEye to EyeThe Immovable ObjectPrimerMagic BulletThe Unstoppable Force 12 0.65 0.0411579758Finishing SchooledMercy RuleRepeat OffenderBlitzkriegHip ShotInsurgentRite of First Defusal 155 58.38
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