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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Internal Injuries Internal Injuries 0.75
Destroy 10 components
Breakin' Breakin' 1.01
Destroy 100 components
'Mech SMASH! 'Mech SMASH! 1.35
Destroy 1,000 components
Pyrrhic Victory Pyrrhic Victory 0.94
Win a match with only one person on your team alive
Little Helper Little Helper 1.43
Get 500 assists in Light 'Mechs
A Light Push A Light Push 1.88
Get 2500 assists in Light 'Mechs
A Moderate Giver A Moderate Giver 1.34
Get 500 assists in Medium 'Mechs
Sharing in Moderation Sharing in Moderation 1.81
Get 2500 assists in Medium 'Mechs
Big Brother/Sister Big Brother/Sister 1.32
Get 500 assists in Heavy 'Mechs
A Big Helping A Big Helping 1.73
Get 2500 assists in Heavy 'Mechs
Giant Helper Giant Helper 1.38
Get 500 assists in Assault 'Mechs
Friendly Giant Friendly Giant 1.78
Get 2500 assists in Assault 'Mechs
Basic Tutorial Complete Basic Tutorial Complete 0.51
Complete the basic tutorial
Sharing is Caring Sharing is Caring 0.64
Get 5 assists in a single match
Share the Love Share the Love 1.00
Get 10 assists in a single match
Philanthropist Philanthropist 1.50
Get 12 assists in a single match
Hat-Trick! Hat-Trick! 0.85
Get 3 kills in a match
Johnny Five Johnny Five 1.11
Get 5 kills in a match
Ace of Spades Ace of Spades 1.80
Get 8 kills in a match
Creeping Death Creeping Death 1.08
Get 3 kills in a single match where your health never goes below 90%
Less Green, More Mean Less Green, More Mean 0.91
Get your first 5 victories in Trial 'Mechs
It Has Begun It Has Begun 0.59
Get your first victory
Seriously!? Seriously!? 1.17
Do top damage in a single match and get zero kills
H-H-Headshot! H-H-Headshot! 1.23
Kill an opponent with a Headshot
Headhunter Headhunter 1.84
Kill 10 opponents with Headshots

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