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16.0 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Freed from Torment Freed from Torment 1.86 10/31/2015 23:23:08
Find and lay to rest all the tormented souls in the Capital.
I Missed You I Missed You 1.86 10/31/2015 23:20:15
Have Kanden reunite with his girlfriend.
Justice is Served Justice is Served 1.86 10/31/2015 23:18:55
Help Denshor village with the bandit problem.
Source of the Problem Source of the Problem 1.89 10/31/2015 22:49:34
In the final battle as Elleria, ignore the other avatars and vanquish the source of the problem.
Path of an Antihero Path of an Antihero 1.90 10/31/2015 22:37:53
Complete the game with Elleria’s team on Challenging difficulty.
Path of an Adversary Path of an Adversary 1.87 10/31/2015 22:37:52
Complete the game with Elleria’s team.
Cursed Bloodline Cursed Bloodline 1.87 10/31/2015 22:36:58
In the final battle as Elleria, vanquish all avatars one by one.
Golem Bane Golem Bane 1.90 10/31/2015 22:07:57
Defeat Lomgorth’s golems on Challenging mode.
Driven by Madness Driven by Madness 1.86 10/31/2015 22:07:57
Send Lomgorth’s spirit into the afterlife.
Hidden Memory Hidden Memory 1.87 10/31/2015 21:57:49
Gain access into the locked room in Lomgorth’s Tower.
Fate’s Challenge Fate’s Challenge 1.85 10/31/2015 21:50:54
Let Gashrun confront the challenges of the Shrine of Phantoms.
Going Backwards Going Backwards 1.89 10/31/2015 21:36:19
In the final battle as Nail, vanquish the Future avatar first.
Crafting the Unknown Crafting the Unknown 1.85 10/31/2015 21:19:55
Acquire the rare Nihil Blade.
Brotherly Bond Brotherly Bond 1.84 10/31/2015 21:13:52
Convince Ignis to stop killing people.
Task for the Unholy Task for the Unholy 1.86 10/31/2015 20:56:17
Complete Act 3 with Elleria’s team.
Treacherous Tunnels Treacherous Tunnels 1.86 10/31/2015 19:47:27
Complete Act 2 with Elleria’s team.
Lost in a Maze Lost in a Maze 1.85 10/31/2015 19:22:33
Find the missing man in the Medias tunnels.
Gliding Through Water Gliding Through Water 1.85 10/31/2015 18:35:45
Bring Lasarg his lost bow.
Predatory Underbrush Predatory Underbrush 1.84 10/31/2015 18:29:20
Complete Act 1 with Elleria’s team.
The Food Chain The Food Chain 1.85 10/31/2015 17:45:55
Locate the Man-Eater plant and destroy it.
Unyielding Unyielding 1.82 10/31/2015 17:31:01
Defeat Ronard and his assistants without Elleria or Gashrun getting K.Oed.
Path of a Champion Path of a Champion 1.85 10/31/2015 17:07:47
Complete the game with Nail’s team.
Ravages of Time Ravages of Time 1.87 10/31/2015 17:03:02
In the final battle as Nail, vanquish the Past avatar first.
The Iron Fist The Iron Fist 1.87 10/31/2015 16:45:04
Liberate town of Vesar from a powerful despot.
Giant Slayer Giant Slayer 1.86 10/31/2015 15:40:01
Find and defeat the giant on Mt Cereus (as Nail’s team).
Divine Guidance Divine Guidance 1.85 10/31/2015 15:00:59
Complete Act 3 with Nail’s team.
Rat Trouble Rat Trouble 1.85 10/31/2015 12:34:37
Sort out the plagued rat problem in the Capital.
Capital Punishment Capital Punishment 1.84 10/31/2015 12:30:20
Complete Act 2 with Nail’s team.
Breaking the Camp Breaking the Camp 1.83 10/31/2015 11:55:51
Infiltrate the Promgan slave camp and defeat its leaders.
The Garden of Death The Garden of Death 1.81 10/31/2015 00:32:39
Complete Act 1 with Nail’s team.
Bringing Down the Beast Bringing Down the Beast 1.80 10/31/2015 00:18:40
Hunt down the Chimera in the woods.
Swift Solution Swift Solution 1.81 10/30/2015 23:33:37
Defeat the (first fight with) Chimera within 6 turns.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Path of a Legend Path of a Legend 1.89
Complete the game with Nail’s team on Challenging difficulty.
Paranormal Investigator Paranormal Investigator 1.85
Find and read all the journals in Fort Caskell.
Humiliation Humiliation 1.87
Teach Sugel a lesson.
Despot Dethroned Despot Dethroned 1.88
Defeat Rick the Despot on Challenging mode.

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