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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Ahimsa Ahimsa 0.75 10/11/2015 21:22:08
Win a game without starting a war
Best of Both Worlds Best of Both Worlds 0.81 10/11/2015 20:48:36
Build a Hybrid Ultimate unique unit
Thy Sea So Great Thy Sea So Great 1.01 10/11/2015 06:27:51
Win a game as North Sea Alliance
The Voyageur The Voyageur 1.04 10/11/2015 05:49:43
Move an aquatic city 50 times
The Prince The Prince 0.59 10/11/2015 03:09:07
Attain full Fear and full Respect with another player
Lingua Franca Lingua Franca 0.42 10/10/2015 05:19:18
Produce 100 Diplomatic Capital per turn
Ramming Speed Ramming Speed 1.01 10/10/2015 04:48:30
Kill a unit by moving an aquatic city onto it
Liberty Bell 7 Liberty Bell 7 0.46 10/09/2015 19:25:58
Complete an Expedition on an aquatic crashed satellite
You Have Chosen Wisely You Have Chosen Wisely 0.48 10/09/2015 08:43:30
Cash in an Artifact of each category
The Stuff of Legend The Stuff of Legend 0.55 10/09/2015 08:31:24
Complete a Marvel quest
More Than Meets The Eye More Than Meets The Eye 0.32 10/09/2015 08:26:03
Unlock a Hybrid affinity level
Let's Make a Deal Let's Make a Deal 0.28 10/09/2015 07:28:13
Create an Agreement
It Belongs in a Museum It Belongs in a Museum 0.22 10/09/2015 06:55:13
Find an Artifact
Splashdown Splashdown 0.28 10/09/2015 06:40:17
Found an aquatic city

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Salam Salam 1.02
Win a game as Al Falah
Willing is Not Enough Willing is Not Enough 1.22
Win a game as INTEGR
Shadow and Light Shadow and Light 1.11
Win a game as Chungsu
Terror From the Deep Terror From the Deep 1.24
Win without controlling any land cities
Neptune's Glory Neptune's Glory 1.08
Build all aquatic Wonders
'X' Never Marks the Spot 'X' Never Marks the Spot 0.85
Collect 50 Artifacts
Fortune and Glory Fortune and Glory 1.54
Build all Artifact Wonders
The Frontier is Everywhere The Frontier is Everywhere 0.94
Win a game on a Primordial planet
Winter is Coming Winter is Coming 0.93
Win a game on a Frigid planet
The Halls of R'lyeh The Halls of R'lyeh 1.46
Complete all Marvel quests
Shai-Hulud Shai-Hulud 0.98
Leash a Colossal Alien
Silent Service Silent Service 0.66
Kill 10 units with Invisible units

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