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181.1 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Youngster Youngster 1.01
Reached character level 5
Fighter Fighter 1.28
Reached character level 10
Leader Leader 1.54
Reached character level 20
Champion Champion 1.72
Reached character level 30
Warlord Warlord 1.91
Reached character level 35
Trained Trained 1.43
Reached level 5 in a weapon skill
Melee Master Melee Master 1.98
Reached level 20 in a weapon skill
Sword Adept Sword Adept 1.85
Specialized in swords
Axe Adept Axe Adept 1.87
Specialized in axes
Bludgeon Adept Bludgeon Adept 1.93
Specialized in bludgeons
Piercing Weapon Adept Piercing Weapon Adept 1.95
Specialized in piercing weapons
Barbarian Barbarian 1.80
Learned Power Strike and Warcry
Ninja Ninja 1.89
Learned Haste and Flash
Tank Tank 1.77
Learned Regeneration and Health Boost
Crafter Crafter 1.04
Used a magic stone on an item
Seasoned Crafter Seasoned Crafter 1.74
Used 40 magic stones on items
Master Crafter Master Crafter 1.90
Used 125 magic stones on items
Diligent Crafter Diligent Crafter 1.89
Crafted a masterpiece
Mine! Mine! 1.17
Found your first unique item
Shiny Loot Shiny Loot 1.72
Found 15 unique items
Loot Loot Loot !!! Loot Loot Loot !!! 1.89
Found 50 unique items
Collector Collector 1.74
Fully equipped with unique items
Penny Pincher Penny Pincher 1.40
Accumulated 50,000 gold
Greed Greed 1.70
Accumulated 500,000 gold
Surprise Surprise 1.10
Opened 5 treasure chests
Surprise ! Surprise ! 1.72
Opened 50 treasure chests
Surprise !!! Surprise !!! 1.94
Opened 150 treasure chests
Triple Kill Triple Kill 1.53
Killed 3 monsters with one blow
Monster Kill Monster Kill 1.79
Killed 6 monsters with one blow
Summoner Summoner 1.24
Summoned your first ally
Conjurer Conjurer 1.70
Summoned 35 allies
Did you rub my lamp? Did you rub my lamp? 1.76
Summoned an Efreet
Hunter Hunter 0.94
Killed 50 monsters
Eraser Eraser 1.28
Killed 350 monsters
Slayer Slayer 1.60
Killed 1750 monsters
Annihilator Annihilator 1.91
Killed 5000 monsters
Exterminator Exterminator 1.84
Killed the Scarab Uber Queen
Ogre Hero Ogre Hero 1.46
Killed the Ogre in realm Babatula
Ruffian Ruffian 1.27
Dealt 10,000 points of damage
Rowdy Rowdy 1.64
Dealt 125,000 points of damage
Vandal Vandal 1.89
Dealt 1,000,000 points of damage
Survivalist Survivalist 1.27
Took 3,500 points of damage without dying
Iron Man Iron Man 1.62
Took 35,000 points of damage without dying
Invincibility Invincibility 1.95
Took 250,000 points of damage without dying
Quest Complete Quest Complete 0.86
Completed your first quest
Babatula Babatula 1.39
Completed realm Babatula
Scarabian Desert Scarabian Desert 1.62
Completed realm Scarabian Desert
Ruler of Chaos Ruler of Chaos 1.74
Completed the Chaos Realm
Tough Ogre Toy Tough Ogre Toy 1.73
Found the Tough Ogre action figure
Scarab Queen Toy Scarab Queen Toy 1.76
Found the Scarab Queen action figure
Chaos Overlord Toy Chaos Overlord Toy 1.78
Found the Chaos Overlord action figure
Uber Rick Toy Uber Rick Toy 1.87
Found the Uber Rick action figure
The Coin The Coin 1.87
Found the coin of the Anti Goblin King
Deluminator Deluminator 1.46
Blew out 100 torches
Swimmer's Paradise Swimmer's Paradise 1.52
Found the Swimmer's Paradise
Marathon Marathon 1.70
Walked 42,195 tiles
Blessed Blessed 1.74
Touched 100 obelisks
Hardcore Babatula Hardcore Babatula 1.87
Completed realm Babatula in Hardcore mode
Hardcore Scarabian Desert Hardcore Scarabian Desert 1.91
Completed realm Scarabian Desert in Hardcore mode
Hardcore Chaos Realm Hardcore Chaos Realm 1.93
Completed the Chaos Realm in Hardcore mode
Hardcore Exterminator Hardcore Exterminator 1.95
Killed the Scarab Uber Queen in Hardcore mode

Achievement Stats 1.19
Executed 3 queries
756.48 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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