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38.7 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Detached Detached 2.24 07/10/2013 03:46:18
Finish the game without anyone latching onto you
Number One Artist Number One Artist 2.22 05/16/2013 20:59:16
Use all graffiti in missions
I got Soul I got Soul 2.20 05/16/2013 20:47:29
Collect all Graffiti Souls
So creative So creative 1.60 05/05/2013 02:32:32
Create your own graffiti in all sizes
Dog runs too! Dog runs too! 2.18 05/01/2013 21:28:43
Unlock Pots and use him as a player character
Back to the Future Back to the Future 2.21 05/01/2013 21:26:20
Unlock all songs in the bonus menu
The gang's all here The gang's all here 2.18 05/01/2013 21:26:20
Unlock all characters
Rise of Monsters Rise of Monsters 2.17 05/01/2013 01:23:26
Unlock Poison Jam and use him as a player character
Tag you're it! Tag you're it! 1.96 05/01/2013 01:18:38
Tag at least one rival gang member within 30 seconds
Behind the Mask Behind the Mask 2.17 05/01/2013 01:17:40
Unlock non-masked Poison Jam and use him as a player character
When you're a Jet When you're a Jet 2.21 05/01/2013 01:16:48
Complete every level with a Jet rating in all game modes
King of the Street King of the Street 2.18 05/01/2013 00:57:15
Complete all missions with any rating
Training Wheels Training Wheels 1.65 04/30/2013 23:42:49
Complete the tuorial
Noise Music Noise Music 2.16 04/30/2013 19:57:34
Unlock Noise Tank and use him as a player character
Love Rules Love Rules 2.15 04/29/2013 22:49:08
Unlock Love Shockers and use her as a player character
A Working Senior A Working Senior 2.16 04/29/2013 22:26:37
Unlock Goji and use him as a player character
That's how we Grind That's how we Grind 1.95 04/29/2013 20:32:13
Perform a 100+ trick combo
Cop Sucks Cop Sucks 1.78 04/28/2013 20:23:39
Draw graffiti 5 times on Onishima's back
Scrapyard Bully Scrapyard Bully 1.98 04/26/2013 20:28:42
Shove the two civilians in No. 540 level before the choppers show up
No Eyes in the Sky No Eyes in the Sky 1.73 04/26/2013 17:24:44
Destroy all helicopters in a level
Remixes Suck! Remixes Suck! 1.30 04/26/2013 15:36:46
Complete a level without collecting a Recovery Spray Can
Paint the Town Red Paint the Town Red 1.69 04/25/2013 23:52:42
Complete Chapter 3
Second Coat Applied Second Coat Applied 1.56 04/25/2013 21:48:44
Complete Chapter 2
First Coat Applied First Coat Applied 1.47 04/25/2013 20:20:30
Complete Chapter 1
Look Behind Look Behind 1.28 04/25/2013 20:20:30
Perform a Turn Trick in game
Unlock Garam Unlock Garam 1.35 04/25/2013 16:46:36
Unlock Garam and use him as a player character
Public Menace Public Menace 1.13 04/25/2013 16:35:28
Make 100 civilians jump out of your way
I Need a Parachute I Need a Parachute 0.99 04/25/2013 16:30:47
Fall more than 20 meters off a building
We got us a crew We got us a crew 0.78 04/25/2013 16:07:51
Unlock Gum and Tab
Feel the Beat Feel the Beat 0.65 04/25/2013 15:58:11
Start the game for the first time

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