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3.1 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Welcome Welcome 0.97 11/13/2016 12:44:39
Escape your cage

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
The Ascension The Ascension 1.12
Take a ride in a gilded cage
Nice Place Nice Place 1.13
Begin your tour of the main house
Hospitable Folks Hospitable Folks 1.21
Meet the Grandchildren
How Big Is This Place? How Big Is This Place? 1.22
Make it out onto the rooftops
Match Styx Match Styx 1.44
Aquire the blue matches
Poor Soul Poor Soul 1.45
Meet Piotr and take his key
Totally Insane Totally Insane 1.51
Meet Buck
Escape Artist Escape Artist 1.55
Successfully navigate the trap house
A Long Fall A Long Fall 1.55
Finally hit rock bottom
Is BLANK Contained Is BLANK Contained 1.56
Contain Buck
What Have You Done? What Have You Done? 1.57
Awaken Grandmother
Until Next Time Until Next Time 1.57
Complete Episode 1
Where it's Due Where it's Due 1.77
Watch the entirety of the credits scroll
Brother Botherer Brother Botherer 2.09
Determinedly jiggle the bathroom knob
Optimist Optimist 1.12
Board the 'lift to the surface'
Unruly Guest Unruly Guest 2.19
Push a chair into the red corridor
Charged Up Charged Up 1.60
Charge Buck's Clicker 10 times without restarting
Just Relax Just Relax 2.09
Charge Buck's Clicker 20 times without restarting
Best And Longest Best And Longest 2.22
Sit on the communal toilet for half a minute
Literate Literate 0.98
Pick up a note
Nosey Snoop Nosey Snoop 1.12
Pick up 10 notes
Halfway There Halfway There 1.68
Pickup half of all the notes
How Badly Do You Want It? How Badly Do You Want It? 2.49
Find all the notes but one
Master Detective Master Detective 2.66
Find all the notes
20 Stick 20 Stick 1.61
Use a whole matchbook worth of matches in a single playsession
Hiding in Our Hearth and Home Hiding in Our Hearth and Home 1.75
In the rooftops, get the blue matches without ever being detected
You Shouldn't Be Here You Shouldn't Be Here 1.92
Find the hidden note.

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