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2.1 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Black Night Black Night 1.13 10/23/2013 12:27:13
You completed the game with the "So Soon" ending.
Purple rain Purple rain 0.91 10/17/2013 19:30:16
Get to the attic
I'll take this back I'll take this back 0.99 10/17/2013 19:23:53
Take violently a valuable object
First Take First Take 1.05 10/17/2013 19:19:56
Solve the leaves puzzle without making mistakes.
Well, it's pretty late Well, it's pretty late 0.95 10/17/2013 18:41:11
Don't bother, courage is not for everyone
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time 0.89 10/17/2013 13:24:57
Read all the fables
It's dark here It's dark here 0.60 10/17/2013 13:03:24
Get inside the sawmill
Vandal Vandal 0.65 10/17/2013 13:00:52
It's abandoned, who cares?

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Anna, my love Anna, my love 1.28
You completed the game with the "The Truth" Ending
Safe Safe 1.48
You completed the game with the "Just a scratch" ending.
Will they grow back? Will they grow back? 1.12
Get the leaves from the tree.
Ghostbuster! Ghostbuster! 1.62
See all the supernatural events.
Sherlock Sherlock 1.37
Use "Examine" 100 times
Straight to the goal Straight to the goal 1.34
Never used the online help.
Speedrun Speedrun 1.84
Game completed in less than 30 minutes.
Jump in the house Jump in the house 1.16
Exterior section completed in less than 5 minutes.
Raiders of the lost F1 Raiders of the lost F1 1.09
You pressed F1 to access the menus
Where are you? Where are you? 1.18
Get to the Cave
Good Manners Good Manners 1.48
Fix the stove before leaving. You fix what you break!
The Way of the Saboutier The Way of the Saboutier 1.66
Do all the steps of Way of the Saboutier
Bookworm Bookworm 1.59
You've read all the books.
Wendy, I'm home Wendy, I'm home 1.42
Redrum. Redrum. Redrum.
The things I do for love The things I do for love 1.18
Repudiate your life's passion, destroy an ancient artefact.
It was the Goldsmith It was the Goldsmith 1.24
Deny an old love for the new one
Do you want to merry me? Do you want to merry me? 1.27
Such a glorious woman
Honey, have you seen my keys? Honey, have you seen my keys? 1.28
You'd lose your own head without your wife
Don't need another Muzio Scevola Don't need another Muzio Scevola 1.35
Don't play with fire
Mirror, Mirror Mirror, Mirror 1.24
You don't look well
Anna Fhtagn Anna Fhtagn 1.20
Lovely cultists
Out of my house! Out of my house! 1.33
I'm not welcome
Naive Naive 1.36
Mermaids were never good for you
Not Interested Not Interested 1.47
Superficiality never pays
Shy Shy 1.60
Who's him? Time will tell.
Scientific method Scientific method 1.63
Unlock all the intuitions
That's all folks! That's all folks! 1.87
You completed this game 100%

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