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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Secondary Pilot Secondary Pilot 2.47
Unlock the alternative liveries.
Wiped Out Wiped Out 2.82
Eliminate a ship.
Minesweeper Minesweeper 3.41
Destroy 20 mines.
Look Ma Look Ma 2.72
Hit a ship with an unguided missile.
Denied Denied 3.11
Activate a shield before it auto deploys.
Close Shave Close Shave 3.41
Use an emergency pack right before elimination.
Sniper Sniper 3.41
Land a plasma shot from a far distance.
Free Refill Free Refill 3.41
Place mines as you collide with an opponents mines.
Impurity Impurity 3.41
Eliminate a G-Tek while playing as Tenrai.
Media Blackout Media Blackout 3.41
Eliminate an Omnicom while playing as Diavolt.
National Pride National Pride 3.41
Eliminate a Diavolt while playing as Omnicom.
Suprise Suprise 3.41
Hit ships with a tremor after firing one backwards.
Clean Race Clean Race 3.41
Complete a custom race with weapons turned off.
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect 3.41
Perform 50 laps in a single Speed Lap session.
In The Zone In The Zone 3.41
Reach Zone 50 in Survival Mode
Zoned Out Zoned Out 3.41
Reach Zone 75 in Survival mode.
Airbrake Master Airbrake Master 3.41
Perform a perfect run on Arrivon Peak, Time Trial, Spectre Class, Nexus
Precision Perfect Precision Perfect 3.41
Obtain a perfect score on all precision tracks.
Perfectionist Perfectionist 3.41
Perform 100 perfect laps
King of Snake King of Snake 3.41
Beat 0:59.17 on Ishtar Citadel Forward. Time Trial, Toxic Class with Nexus
Community Loyalty Community Loyalty 3.41
Complete 100 races with custom ships
Pimp my Ship Pimp my Ship 2.93
Unlock the neon liveries.
Minimalist Minimalist 2.93
Unlock the clean/stealth liveries.
Enter Reality Enter Reality 3.11
Unlock the barracuda Model S.
AGL Champion AGL Champion 3.41
Get at least a gold in every campaign event.
AGL Master AGL Master 3.41
Get a platinum in every campaign event.

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698.70 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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