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5.0 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Welcome To Space Welcome To Space 1.79
Begin your adventure
Naughty Human Naughty Human 2.60
Utilize special Meowfka service
Black Eye Battle Champion Black Eye Battle Champion 2.60
Conquer the Black Eye Galaxy Creature Battling League
Anubis Battle Champion Anubis Battle Champion 2.60
Conquer the Anubis Galaxy Creature Battling League
Nocteal Battle Champion Nocteal Battle Champion 2.60
Conquer the Nocteal Galaxy Creature Battling League
Universal Battle Master Universal Battle Master 2.68
Conquer the Centre Galaxy Creature Battling League
Monster Trapper Monster Trapper 2.60
Catch 25 Galactic Creatures
Monster Catcher Monster Catcher 2.60
Catch 50 Galactic Creatures
Monster Wrangler Monster Wrangler 2.60
Catch 75 Galactic Creatures
Monster Master Monster Master 2.60
Catch 100 Galactic Creatures
Titan Defender Titan Defender 2.60
Defeat 1 Titan
Titan Hunter Titan Hunter 2.60
Defeat 4 Titans
Titan Slayer Titan Slayer 2.68
Defeat All Titans
Earth Assembly Point Earth Assembly Point 2.60
Unlock the Assembly Point
Oh Captain My Captain Oh Captain My Captain 2.26
Pilot Your First Spaceship
Top Bloke Top Bloke 2.60
Assist 10 Entities
Friend Of The Trees Friend Of The Trees 2.60
Assist the Serian Tree Spirit
Spiritual Guidance Spiritual Guidance 2.68
Visit your Spirit Guide
Planet Sightseer Planet Sightseer 2.60
Discover 10 Planets
Planet Explorer Planet Explorer 2.60
Discover 20 Planets
Friend Of The Aliens Friend Of The Aliens 2.60
Find One Crew Member for the E.A.P
E.A.P Ambassador E.A.P Ambassador 2.60
Find Three Crew Members for the E.A.P
Alien Haven Alien Haven 2.60
Find Five Crew Members for the E.A.P
E.A.P At Full Capacity E.A.P At Full Capacity 2.77
Find Eight Crew Members for the E.A.P
Centre Galaxy Incoming! Centre Galaxy Incoming! 2.60
Unlock the Centre Galaxy
Orkess My Old Friend Orkess My Old Friend 2.60
Meet with Orkess within his Moon Base
I Know You I Know You 2.60
Let Maria live
The True Centre The True Centre 2.60
Enter the Centre Portal
The Creator The Creator 2.60
Defeat The Creator
After The End After The End 2.68
Finish the game with any Karma
Beacon Of Light Beacon Of Light 2.60
Finish the game with Positive Karma
Beacon Of Death Beacon Of Death 2.68
Finish the game with Negative Karma
A Wanted Man A Wanted Man 2.60
Attain a Wanted level
Risky Business Risky Business 2.60
Enter a Blackhole
Adventure Mode Champion Adventure Mode Champion 2.68
Kill all Titans in Adventure Mode
Survival Survival 2.60
Enter Deep Space while playing in Adventure Mode
Gladiator Gladiator 2.68
Overcome Battle Arena challenges while playing in Adventure Mode
A True Traveller A True Traveller 2.68
Defeat the Creator in Adventure Mode
Property Mogul Property Mogul 2.68
Own three properties
Fishing Master Fishing Master 2.68
Go fishing on each Boardwalk at least once

Achievement Stats 1.19
Executed 3 queries
721.38 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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