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3.1 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Genius Economic Bad Rat Genius Economic Bad Rat 1.44 06/07/2015 16:10:11
OHH! Fifteen maps completed using less objects than planned
Extra Economic Bad Rat Extra Economic Bad Rat 1.40 06/07/2015 16:00:24
Finished ten maps using less objects than the plan
Economic Bad Rat Economic Bad Rat 1.28 06/07/2015 15:44:11
Completed five maps using less objects than planned
Bad Rats' King Bad Rats' King 1.36 06/05/2015 21:02:12
Completed all levels
Bad Bad Rat Bad Bad Rat 1.35 06/05/2015 20:46:22
Forty maps solved
Master Super Fast Thinker Master Super Fast Thinker 1.28 06/05/2015 20:22:19
Uou! Solved fifteen maps in less than one minute.
Serious Bad Rat Serious Bad Rat 1.32 06/05/2015 20:17:06
Thirty maps solved
One Click One Death One Click One Death 1.41 06/05/2015 20:13:11
Finished 10 maps in the first try
One Single Rat Move One Single Rat Move 1.36 06/05/2015 17:14:47
Completed two maps using one single object.
Very Bad Rat Very Bad Rat 1.18 06/05/2015 16:53:39
Solved twenty maps
Super Fast Thinker Super Fast Thinker 1.15 05/19/2015 18:18:24
Solved ten maps with less than one minute
Bad Rat Junior Bad Rat Junior 0.95 05/19/2015 18:16:42
Solved ten maps
Fast Thinker Fast Thinker 0.91 05/18/2015 21:35:51
Solved five maps with less than one minute

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