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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Saint Saint 0.68
Max out both Good and Tactful points.
Snake Snake 1.01
Max out both Evil and Tactful points.
Rebel Rebel 1.01
Max out both Good and Defiant points.
Destroyer Destroyer 0.93
Max out both Evil and Defiant points.
Descension Descension 0.59
Finish Chapter 1.
Demon Speech 1 Demon Speech 1 0.65
Decipher all the messages in Chapter 1.
Demonspawn Lore Demonspawn Lore 0.81
Read the book about demonspawn in Chapter 1.
Demoncat Demoncat 0.63
Examine Mr. Edgardo after the dinner with Orchid.
Touchy Fingers Touchy Fingers 0.76
Molest the demonspawn.
Demon Speech 2 Demon Speech 2 0.63
Decipher the message in Chapter 2.
Murderer Murderer 0.87
Kill Mark.
Reverie Reverie 0.62
Finish Chapter 2.
Demon Speech 3 Demon Speech 3 0.68
Decipher all the messages in Chapter 3.
Infernal Patron Infernal Patron 0.73
Ask the demonspawn as many questions as you can.
Dangerous Love Dangerous Love 0.68
Kiss Sir Brash.
Deception Deception 0.63
Finish Chapter 3.
Demon Speech 4 Demon Speech 4 0.69
Decipher the message in Chapter 4.
Science Macabre Science Macabre 0.65
Read all the entries of Rivera's journal.
Resourceful Resourceful 0.81
Convince Ari to help you on your own.
Soft Hearted Soft Hearted 0.80
Help Sir Brash in the poison room.
Retribution Retribution 0.80
Take revenge on Sir Brash in the poison room.
Inferno Inferno 0.65
Finish Chapter 4.
Alternate Universe Alternate Universe 1.17
Finish the game as Good Bright and as Evil Bright.
No Mercy No Mercy 0.76
Kill Rivera.
Lawful Justice Lawful Justice 0.83
Let Rivera live.
Devotion Devotion 0.68
Finish Chapter 5.
Demon speech 5 Demon speech 5 0.69
Decipher the whole message in Chapter 5.
Witch Companion Witch Companion 0.73
Travel with Ari.
Oath Keeper Oath Keeper 0.76
Make a promise to Orchid and keep it.
Oath Breaker Oath Breaker 0.83
Make a promise to Orchid and break it.
True Ally True Ally 0.81
Remain allies with Raze.
Gentle Love Gentle Love 0.75
Kiss Ari.
Demon's Bride Demon's Bride 0.96
Stay in Inferno.
Rendezvous Rendezvous 0.87
Make plans with Sir Brash.

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