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1.4 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Be Strong Big Man Be Strong Big Man 2.62
Score 100k before level 5 [Echoes Mode]
Run/Stop Restore Run/Stop Restore 2.62
Recover to 100% health from below 50% [Echoes Mode]
Carbon Footprint Carbon Footprint 2.57
Destroy 9 planets [Echoes Mode]
Masochistic Tendencies Masochistic Tendencies 2.68
Get hit 100 times [Echoes Mode]
I See Dead People I See Dead People 2.38
Get 9999 kills in one game [Echoes Mode]
Sun Burn Sun Burn 2.29
Shoot the sun 200 times [Echoes Mode]
WAIT 6502 WAIT 6502 2.35
Score over 10k without moving [Echoes Mode]
Celebrity Sniper Celebrity Sniper 1.91
Kill 10 stars in a row [Echoes Mode]
Kleptomaniac Kleptomaniac 2.20
Collect 300 powerups [Echoes Mode]
Blackhole Scum Blackhole Scum 2.12
Kill 5 black holes [Echoes Mode]
Casual Gamer Casual Gamer 2.24
Lose less than 10% of your score [Time Attack Mode]
VIC VIC 2.52
Get a x20 multiplier [Time Attack Mode]
Beware of the Leopard Beware of the Leopard 2.74
Take less than 10 hits [Time Attack Mode]
Stay a While Stay a While 2.68
Stay alive for 60 seconds [Survivor Mode]
Live Like the Monk Live Like the Monk 2.27
Survive for 20 seconds without firing [Survivor Mode]
Double Bubble Double Bubble 2.62
Collect a shield powerup [Survivor Mode]
It Was Better in 2D It Was Better in 2D 2.52
Score over 3333 [Classic Mode]
The Sauceror The Sauceror 2.74
Shoot 7 flying saucers [Classic Mode]
We Come in Peace We Come in Peace 2.52
Get past level 3 killing no saucers [Classic Mode]
Mind the Edge Mind the Edge 2.44
Score 100k without touching the edge [Asteroid Belt Mode]
Lift Out of Order Lift Out of Order 2.20
Get to level 10 without being hit [Asteroid Belt Mode]
Snake! SNAAAAAAKE!!!!! Snake! SNAAAAAAKE!!!!! 2.62
Get a x5 multiplier [Asteroid Belt Mode]
Meteor Maker Meteor Maker 2.09
Score over 3 million [Meteor Storm Mode]
Zzap! Zzap! 2.07
Get a x64 multiplier [Meteor Storm Mode]
Assassins Greed Assassins Greed 2.44
Score 250k dropping no powerups [Meteor Storm Mode]

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