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DoG on ACID!

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Rank 126915
Achievements 230 (124.14 points)
Number of games and DLCs 4
Number of all owning games 10
Badges 4 (545 XP)
Member since July 31, 2011
Total playing time 5833.0 hours
Completion rate 0.0 %

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Game Unlocked achievements Locked achievements
Current best # Points Next easiest # Points
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1.1537977457SAR CzarCowboy DiplomacyClusterstruckGun CollectorDefuse This!Master At ArmsFlame Expert 141 48.00 0.3788958192ConservationistNuke Map VeteranMarcsmanKnife on KnifeBaggage ClaimerRun of the MillLevel Playing Field 26 18.78
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Portal 0.1273366809Lab Rat 1 0.13 0.1895791888FratricidePartygoerHeartbreakerFriendly FireCupcakeFruitcakeLong Jump 14 10.35
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Quake Live 2.7909755707Vadri'garWTF Was ThatBig TimeMidair2 in 2Fight ClubRocket Man 34 59.62 1.7142138481Hall MonitorAim BotElevate ExpertLast HopeSmack DownHere Goes NothingJesse James 24 56.90
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Team Fortress 2 0.5301423073Be PoliteReady for DutyThe Last WaveJarring TransitionHotshotFriendship is GoldenMutually Assured Destruction 54 16.40 0.2736409009DynastyBedside MannerSpies Like UsSurgical PrepQuadruple BypassWings of GloryI Fry 466 361.22
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