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3.4 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Custom Tailored Custom Tailored 1.10 06/01/2017 17:09:22
Customize or Create a Deck
Shardbound Shardbound 0.82 06/01/2017 17:05:46
Complete the Prologue

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Tested Mettle Tested Mettle 1.47
Play 10 Matches
Taste of Victory Taste of Victory 1.55
Win 10 Matches
The Ranger The Ranger 2.04
Win 25 PvP Matches
The Shardrunner The Shardrunner 2.56
Win 100 PvP Matches
The Vaultbreaker The Vaultbreaker 0.00
Win 1000 PvP Matches
Hitting the Gym Hitting the Gym 2.26
Win 25 Training Grounds Matches
Intensive Training Intensive Training 3.04
Win 100 Training Grounds Matches
Fighting for Something Fighting for Something 1.15
Create or Join a House
Bleed Purple Bleed Purple 1.55
Link your Twitch Account
Marked for Greatness Marked for Greatness 1.59
Craft a Card with Marks
The Master of Unboxing The Master of Unboxing 1.81
Open 100 Core Set Boxes
Mech Whisperer Mech Whisperer 2.04
Win 10 Steelsinger Games
Strength in Steel Strength in Steel 2.44
Win 25 Steelsinger Games
Faith Keeper Faith Keeper 2.00
Win 10 Wayfinder Games
With Thundering Tread With Thundering Tread 2.56
Win 25 Wayfinder Games
Primal Partner Primal Partner 2.09
Win 10 Packrunner Games
Side by Side Side by Side 2.56
Win 25 Packrunner Games
Iron Breaker Iron Breaker 2.04
Win 10 Landshaper Games
Vare, Vora, Vish Vare, Vora, Vish 2.34
Win 25 Landshaper Games
Thesis Chaser Thesis Chaser 2.34
Win 10 Fatekeeper Games
Sight Beyond Sight Beyond 2.56
Win 25 Fatekeeper Games
Perfection Seeker Perfection Seeker 2.04
Win 10 Bloodbinder Games
Feed the Strong Feed the Strong 2.19
Win 25 Bloodbinder Games
Not Even Close Not Even Close 2.00
Win a Match with 1 Health Remaining in a PvP Match
Lad Avenged Lad Avenged 2.09
Kill the Novice Knight's Killer with the Vengeful Veteran in a PvP Match
Triplebright?! Triplebright?! 2.74
Play 3 Lightdancers in a Turn in a PvP Match
Optimized Cost Structures Optimized Cost Structures 2.74
Play a Valiant Class Mech for Free in a PvP Match
Scoured the Dark Scoured the Dark 2.74
Kill 10 Minions with a Single Reckoning Spell in a PvP Match
Valiar's Claws Valiar's Claws 2.74
Attack for 8 Damage as Juro in a PvP Match
A Tactical Leap A Tactical Leap 2.19
Turn an Enemy into a Boulder, then Destroy it in a PvP Match
Astral Pattern: Domination Astral Pattern: Domination 2.44
Summon an Astral Champion with 8 Attack in a PvP Match
Tools of Tyranny Tools of Tyranny 2.44
Control 15 Thrall at Once in a PvP Match
The Botslayer The Botslayer 3.04
Win 250 Training Grounds Matches

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20 crawler available

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