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Game Achievement Points
The Ambush The Ambush 1.29
Escape the caves above Fort Ganrick.
First Contact First Contact 1.54
Meet an envoy from the deepest caves.
Dark Waters Dark Waters 1.61
Survive a long river journey.
The Return The Return 1.63
Return to Avernum from the depths.
First Rescue First Rescue 1.84
Return a Crystal Soul.
Demonslayer Demonslayer 1.90
Get a really sweet sword.
Learning To Fly Learning To Fly 1.81
Escape the bonds of gravity.
A Very Sharp Knife A Very Sharp Knife 1.84
A sharp knife. Find one.
Good Intelligence Good Intelligence 1.79
Find each class of Empire pass.
Royal Clearance Royal Clearance 1.79
Fully prove your worth to Avernum.
Queen of Mages Queen of Mages 1.79
Meet the greatest mage in Avernum.
A Mighty Ally A Mighty Ally 1.90
Win Avernum a powerful ally in its war.
Stopping the Invasion Stopping the Invasion 1.88
Keep the Empire from flooding Avernum with troops.
The General Falls The General Falls 1.91
Slay the commander of the invading army.
Soldier of Avernum Soldier of Avernum 2.01
Complete all three game-winning quests in Avernum 2 and never set the difficulty below Normal.
Hero of Avernum Hero of Avernum 2.32
Complete all three game-winning quests in Avernum 2 and never set the difficulty below Hard.
Savior of Avernum Savior of Avernum 2.39
Complete all three game-winning quests in Avernum 2 and never set the difficulty below Torment.
Student of Magery Student of Magery 1.61
Learn a mage spell at level 3.
Master of Magery Master of Magery 1.88
Learn 8 mage spells at level 3.
Arch-Mage Arch-Mage 2.20
Learn 20 mage spells at level 3.
Acolyte Acolyte 1.66
Learn a priest spell at level 3.
Cleric Cleric 1.84
Learn 8 priest spells at level 3.
High Priest High Priest 2.20
Learn 20 priest spells at level 3.
Weird-Looking Stone Weird-Looking Stone 1.38
Open a secret door.
Shovel Adept Shovel Adept 1.69
Dig up 10 caches.
Shovel Master Shovel Master 2.17
Dig up 40 caches.
Herbal Adept Herbal Adept 1.81
Have ten potions made.
Herbal Master Herbal Master 2.10
Have fifty potions made.
Avid Tourist Avid Tourist 1.60
Discover 20 locations of interest.
Dedicated Traveler Dedicated Traveler 1.72
Discover 70 locations of interest.
Dragonslayer! Dragonslayer! 2.25
Make there be one fewer dragon. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Liberated Cotra Liberated Cotra 1.82
Avenge the lost Avernites of Cotra.
Sanctification Sanctification 1.82
Sanctify 5 altars.
Skilled Collector Skilled Collector 2.08
Fill up a spirit prism.
The Tower Falls The Tower Falls 1.80
Slay Elderan.

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