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4.9 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Henk the Builder Henk the Builder 1.70 10/25/2016 23:38:42
Publish a level to the Steam Workshop.
Don't tell me what to do! Don't tell me what to do! 1.71 10/24/2016 07:17:35
Jump over the barrier.
Take the stage Take the stage 1.53 10/24/2016 07:11:00
Win a multiplayer match.
I want you! I want you! 1.50 10/23/2016 07:39:05
Challenge a friend to beat your score.
I'll be back! I'll be back! 1.15 06/21/2015 21:51:57
Defeat Kentony's challenge.
Too funky for myself! Too funky for myself! 1.04 06/21/2015 19:38:08
Beat Neil's Challenge.
I didn't lose, I let you win! I didn't lose, I let you win! 0.77 06/21/2015 19:14:46
Defeat Betsy's Challenge.
The floor is lava! The floor is lava! 0.72 06/21/2015 19:14:24
Fall into the lava.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Gnarly dude! Gnarly dude! 1.45
Beat Cedar's Challenge.
Enjoy it while it lasts Enjoy it while it lasts 1.65
Beat Kentinator's Challenge.
90s Henk Redemption 90s Henk Redemption 2.10
Beat Action Henk in the City.
Bronze beast Bronze beast 2.01
Earn a Bronze medal on all levels.
Silver slider Silver slider 2.01
Earn a Silver medal on all levels.
Go gold, go gold! Go gold, go gold! 2.03
Earn a Gold medal on all levels.
Taste the rainbow! Taste the rainbow! 2.18
Earn a Rainbow medal on all levels.
Coin collector Coin collector 2.20
Beat all bonus levels
Ragequit the game during a level.
The 1% The 1% 1.76
Beat 99% of all players on a level.
What 9000!? What 9000!? 2.15
Press reset over 9000 times.
Die 100 times.
Henk-a-thon Henk-a-thon 1.80
Complete all campaign levels in a single session.

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