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4.1 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Steel Nerves Steel Nerves 1.43 03/30/2016 22:22:00
Exceed EVA maximum velocity
Visionary Visionary 1.43 03/30/2016 22:21:00
Collect Olivier's Personal Item
Dreamer Dreamer 1.24 03/30/2016 20:44:00
Collect Lopez's Personal Item
Father Father 1.17 03/30/2016 18:36:00
Collect McDonagh's Personal Item
Analytical Analytical 1.75
Escape the Northstar IV after more than 4 hours
Repentant Repentant 1.44
Escape the Northstar IV with between 3 and 5 Astronaut Tokens
Inquisitive Inquisitive 1.37
Listen to more than 50% of the Audio Logs, Audio Terminals and Intercepted Transmissions
Home Home 1.33
Escape the Northstar IV
Nietzschean Nietzschean 1.33
Completely repair your EVA Suit before escaping

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Quick Reactions Quick Reactions 1.61
Escape being electrocuted 10 times
Fearless Fearless 2.05
Travel the maximum survivable distance from the CEREBRUM Hub
Penitent Penitent 1.43
Collect Edwards' Personal Item
Scientist Scientist 1.89
Collect Hudson's Personal Item
Survivor Survivor 1.57
Collect SPIRITUS Mainframe Data Backup
Pragmatist Pragmatist 1.93
Escape the Northstar IV with 2 or less Astronaut Tokens
Redeemed Redeemed 2.02
Escape the Northstar IV with all Astronaut Tokens
Determined Determined 2.36
Escape the Northstar IV in under 2 hours
Obsessive Obsessive 2.31
Listen to all Audio Logs, Audio Terminals and Intercepted Transmissions
Indominatable Indominatable 1.99
Escape the Northstar IV without dying
Collect the DLSR Camera
Hardiman Above All Else Hardiman Above All Else 2.27
Collect all 25 HAN-IV Backup SSD's
Filtrum Filtrum 1.62
Activate the HAN-IV FILTRUM Ring

Achievement Stats 1.19
Executed 3 queries
710.63 KiB memory usage
15 crawler available

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