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Game Achievement Points
Place Camp Fire Place Camp Fire 1.40
Place a camp fire
Craft Camp Fire Craft Camp Fire 1.39
Craft a campfire
Collect Wood Collect Wood 1.31
Collect 100 Wood
Craft Stone Hatchet Craft Stone Hatchet 1.46
Craft Stone Pickaxe Craft Stone Pickaxe 1.47
Place Sleeping Bag Place Sleeping Bag 1.87
Place a sleeping bag
Collect 200 Stone Collect 200 Stone 1.53
Craft Spear Craft Spear 1.85
Craft a wooden spear
Craft Sleeping Bag Craft Sleeping Bag 1.91
Craft a Sleeping Bag
Collect 30 Cloth Collect 30 Cloth 1.83
Collect 30 Cloth
Craft Building Plan Craft Building Plan 1.89
Craft a Building Plan
Craft Hammer Craft Hammer 1.89
Craft a Hammer
Construct Base Construct Base 1.50
Construct a Base
Upgrade Base Upgrade Base 1.53
Upgrade your base
Craft Wooden Door Craft Wooden Door 1.99
Craft a Wooden Door
Craft Lock Craft Lock 1.98
Craft a lock
Place Wooden Door Place Wooden Door 1.99
Place a Wooden Door
Place Lock Place Lock 1.99
Place a Lock
Lock the Lock Lock the Lock 1.99
Lock the Lock
Craft Tool Cupboard Craft Tool Cupboard 2.00
Craft a Tool Cupboard
Place Tool Cupboard Place Tool Cupboard 2.01
Place a tool Cupboard
Collect 50 Cloth Collect 50 Cloth 1.89
Collect 50 Cloth
Craft Hunting Bow Craft Hunting Bow 1.97
Craft a Hunting Bow
Craft Arrows Craft Arrows 1.94
Craft some Arrows
Kill an Animal Kill an Animal 1.89
Kill an Animal
Skin an Animal Skin an Animal 1.95
Skin an Animal
Craft Burlap Headwrap Craft Burlap Headwrap 2.01
Craft a Burlap Headwrap
Craft Burlap Shirt Craft Burlap Shirt 1.98
Craft a Burlap Shirt
Craft Burlap Pants Craft Burlap Pants 1.98
Craft Burlap Pants
Equip Clothing Equip Clothing 1.87
Equip 3 pieces of clothing
Collect 700 Wood Collect 700 Wood 1.65
Collect 700 Wood
Craft Wooden Box Craft Wooden Box 1.97
Craft a Wooden Box
Place Wooden Box Place Wooden Box 1.98
Place a Wooden Box
Acquire 50 Low Grade Fuel Acquire 50 Low Grade Fuel 1.59
Acquire 50 Low Grade Fuel
Craft a Furnace Craft a Furnace 2.09
Craft a Furnace
Place a Furnace Place a Furnace 2.08
Place a Furnace
Collect 300 Metal Ore Collect 300 Metal Ore 1.46
Collect 300 Metal Ore
Craft a Machete Craft a Machete 2.16
Craft a Machete
Visit a Road Visit a Road 1.42
Visit a Road
Collect 65 Scrap Collect 65 Scrap 1.57
Collect 65 Scrap
Destroy 10 Barrels Destroy 10 Barrels 1.52
Destroy 10 Barrels
Craft a Workbench Craft a Workbench 2.17
Craft a Workbench
Place a Workbench Place a Workbench 2.18
Place a Workbench
Craft a Nailgun Craft a Nailgun 2.25
Craft a Nailgun
Craft Nailgun Nails Craft Nailgun Nails 2.22
Craft Nailgun Nails
Research an Item Research an Item 2.16
Research an Item
Craft a Research Table Craft a Research Table 2.20
Craft a Research Table
Place a Research Table Place a Research Table 2.19
Place a Research Table

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