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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Dr. Karate Dr. Karate 0.79
Complete any level with Dr. Karate.
Dr. Karate Foot Power Dr. Karate Foot Power 1.05
Defeat 25 enemies using Dr. Karate's Flash Kick.
Dr. Karate Kick Master Dr. Karate Kick Master 1.34
Defeat 25 enemies using Dr. Karate's Crane Kick.
The Beekeeper The Beekeeper 1.09
Complete any level with the Beekeeper.
The Beekeeper Fatal Sting The Beekeeper Fatal Sting 1.46
Defeat 25 enemies using the Beekeeper's Tornado Kick.
The Beekeeper Mega Swarm The Beekeeper Mega Swarm 1.22
Defeat 25 enemies using the Beekeeper's bees.
Hella Fistgerald Hella Fistgerald 1.11
Complete any level with Hella Fistgerald.
Hella Derby Smash Hella Derby Smash 1.37
Defeat 25 enemies using Hella Fistgerald's Slide Sweep Attack.
Hella Heart Breaker Hella Heart Breaker 1.44
Convert 25 enemies using Hella Fistgerald's Flirtatious Kiss Attack.
Steroid Jackson Steroid Jackson 1.07
Complete any level with Steroid Jackson.
Steroid Jackson Back Breaker Steroid Jackson Back Breaker 1.52
Defeat 25 enemies using Steroid Jackson's Backbreaker.
Steroid Jackson Andro Stomp Steroid Jackson Andro Stomp 1.48
Defeat 25 enemies using Steroid Jackson's Stomp.
O'Grady O'Grady 1.28
Complete any level with O'Grady.
O'Grady Stun Gun Happy O'Grady Stun Gun Happy 1.49
Defeat 25 enemies using O'Grady's Stun Gun Attack.
O'Grady Boot + Face O'Grady Boot + Face 1.51
Defeat 25 enemies using O'Grady's Riot Kick Attack.
Kid Justice Kid Justice 1.33
Complete any level with Kid Justice.
Kid Justice Bully Beatdown Kid Justice Bully Beatdown 1.54
Defeat 25 enemies using Kid Justice's Flash Dive Attack.
Kid Justice Schoolyard Smash Kid Justice Schoolyard Smash 1.56
Defeat 25 enemies using Kid Justice's Eye Gouge Attack.
De Capitan De Capitan 1.39
Complete any level with De Capitan.
De Capitan Low Blow De Capitan Low Blow 1.53
Defeat 25 enemies using De Capitan's Leg Sweep Attack.
De Capitan Masked Avenger De Capitan Masked Avenger 1.54
Defeat 25 enemies using De Capitan's Superman Punch Attack.
Preston Endicott Preston Endicott 1.33
Complete any level with Preston Endicott.
Preston Endicott Tornado Kick Preston Endicott Tornado Kick 1.51
Defeat 25 enemies using Preston Endicott's Tornado Kick.
Preston Endicott Classy Headbutt Preston Endicott Classy Headbutt 1.58
Defeat 25 enemies using Preston Endicott's Headbutt Attack.
Bad Trip Bad Trip 1.41
Collect the following items: 25 Mushrooms
Vegetarian Chef Vegetarian Chef 1.10
Collect the following items: 2 Tomatoes, 2 Eggplants, 2 Ears of Corn, 2 Carrots, 2 Green Peppers
So Thirsty So Thirsty 1.19
Collect the following items: 10 Spunk Colas, 5 Sporty Spunk Drinks
Zombie Survival Kit Zombie Survival Kit 1.58
Collect the following items: 2 First Aid Kits, 3 D Batteries, 2 Walkie Talkies, 1 Flashlight, 1 Duct Tape, 1 Pocket Knife
Cheese Head Cheese Head 1.07
Collect the following items: 5 Pieces of Cheese
Salsa Party Salsa Party 1.29
Collect the following items: 3 Tomatoes, 5 Chilli Peppers, 1 Garlic Clove
Junk Food Glutton Junk Food Glutton 1.26
Collect the following items: 1 Spunk Cola, 1 Cupcake, 1 Muffin, 1 Cheesecake, 1 Icecream Sandwich
Picnic Time Picnic Time 1.04
Collect the following items: 3 Spunk Sodas, 2 Watermelons, 2 Hotdogs, 2 Hamburgers
Fruit Kicker Fruit Kicker 1.05
Collect the following items: 100 Pieces of Fruit
Hapless Romantic Hapless Romantic 1.66
Collect the following items: 2 Perfumes, 2 Bottles of Wine, 2 Rings, 1 Red Rose
Coffee Shop Hipster Coffee Shop Hipster 1.70
Collect the following items: 1 Spunk Coffee, 5 Books, 1 Pair of Glasses
Hoarder Hoarder 1.72
Collect 100 unique items.
Wharf Wharf 0.59
Defeat the Wharf level. What's up with that dude wearing shades at night?
Playmore Park Playmore Park 0.80
Defeat the Playmore Park level. There are kids out there that want to play on the slide!
King Street King Street 0.84
Defeat the King Street level. You're a real tough guy.
Side Scroller Side Scroller 1.28
Defeat all of the sidescrolling chase levels. Maybe you should try some Canabalt.
Hijackers Beware Hijackers Beware 1.27
Defeat all of the hijacked delivery truck levels. And capitalism is restored!
Nude Beach Nude Beach 1.01
Defeat the Nude Beach level. We're sorry for putting you through that.
Anarchy Way Anarchy Way 0.82
Defeat the Anarchy Way level. Extra points for curb stomping anarchists.
Subway Gas Attack Subway Gas Attack 1.02
Defeat the Subway Gas Attack level. Cultists. Can't trust 'em.
Orchards Orchards 1.04
Defeat the Orchards level. And, no, there is not a hidden, apple-picking mini-game.
6th Street Blockade 6th Street Blockade 1.13
Defeat the 6th Street Blockade level. Good-for-nothing riot cops.
Dry Viaduct Dry Viaduct 1.19
Defeat the Dry Viaduct level. This city could use some gentrification.
Bill's Storage Bill's Storage 1.18
Defeat the Bill's Storage level. We wanted to bid on locker #5. Too late now.
Warehouse Warehouse 1.20
Defeat the Warehouse level. Don't get distracted by men in suspenders.
Dracogen Lab Dracogen Lab 1.25
Defeat the Dracogen Lab level. No stopping for science experiments.
Battle Royal Battle Royal 1.14
Defeat the Battle Royal level. You're a regular Bob Backlund.
Stripper Town Stripper Town 1.27
Defeat the Stripper Town level. We won't ask any questions.
Helicopters Helicopters 1.30
Defeat the Helicopters level. Pat youself on the back. You're fighting entire armies now.
Subway Pass Subway Pass 1.24
Defeat all 5 subway levels. How green of you to take mass transit.
Take Out The Trash Take Out The Trash 1.13
Defeat 5 Enemies by throwing trash at them. If this game had money, you'd also get a citation for throwing garbage all over the streets of our fair city.
Foreign Object Foreign Object 1.39
Defeat 50 Enemies using bats, mauls, or shovels. No reason to fight fair in Fist Puncher.
Fuel Efficient Smack Down Fuel Efficient Smack Down 1.07
Show that all those hours at the gym paid off. Defeat 1 enemy by hoisting a smart car over your head and throwing it at him.
Jump Kicker Jump Kicker 1.35
Real men use their fists, but we give credit where credit is due. Defeat 50 enemies using the jump kick attack.
High Fructose High Fructose 1.38
Defeat 1 enemy by throwing a soda machine at him. And remember to take a break from Fist Puncher and drink a refreshing Mint Spunk Cola.
Corpse Thrower Corpse Thrower 0.87
Defeat 1 enemy by throwing the helpless, flailing body of a second enemy at him.
Cultist Crusher Cultist Crusher 1.07
It's Waco, Texas all over gain. Defeat 200 enemy cultists to get this achievement.
Video Grappler Video Grappler 1.68
Defeat 100 enemy luchadores, and prove to the world that you're no jobroni.
Prison Warden Prison Warden 1.37
Solve the country's prison crowding woes. Defeat 100 enemy prisoners.
Karate Hell Karate Hell 1.55
Defeat any level using Dr. Karate and Hella Fistgerald.
Kid Keeper Kid Keeper 1.61
Defeat any level using Kid Justice and the Beekeeper.
Bash Brothers Bash Brothers 1.65
Defeat any level using Steroid Jackson and De Capitan.
Fan Favorites Fan Favorites 1.55
Defeat any level using Dr. Karate and the Beekeeper.
Above The Law Above The Law 1.63
Defeat any level using Kid Justice and O'Grady.
One Percenters One Percenters 1.62
Defeat any level using Preston Endicott and Dr. Karate.
DerbyBall All-Stars DerbyBall All-Stars 1.57
Defeat any level using Hella Fistgerald and Steroid Jackson.
Street Enforcers Street Enforcers 1.64
Defeat any level using O'Grady and De Capitan.
Upstairs Downstairs Upstairs Downstairs 1.64
Defeat any level using Preston Endicott and O'Grady.
Miss China Miss China 0.95
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher China.
Miss Canada Miss Canada 0.90
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher Canada.
Miss France Miss France 1.04
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher France.
Miss Russia Miss Russia 1.22
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher Russia.
Miss Japan Miss Japan 1.19
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher Japan.
Miss UK Miss UK 1.24
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher UK.
Miss USA Miss USA 1.20
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher USA.
Miss Brazil Miss Brazil 1.08
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher Brazil.
Miss Mexico Miss Mexico 1.27
Rescue Miss Fist Puncher Mexico.
Sobtanian Crimelord Sobtanian Crimelord 0.98
Defeat Sobtanian, the beats-loving electro-punk.
Stabby Rascal Crimelord Stabby Rascal Crimelord 0.97
Defeat Stabby Rascal and his gang of toughs.
Grizzly Yves Crimelord Grizzly Yves Crimelord 1.06
Defeat the devilish Grizzly Yves and his seafaring followers.
Big Hans Crimelord Big Hans Crimelord 1.27
Defeat Big Hans and his band of ruffians.
Brother Antlers Crimelord Brother Antlers Crimelord 1.10
Defeat Brother Antlers, the psychotic cult ruler.
Nurse King-Fu Crimelord Nurse King-Fu Crimelord 1.12
Defeat Nurse Kung-Fu, the wicked hospital taskmaster.
Roger Crimelord Roger Crimelord 1.27
Defeat Roger atop his tower of doom.
General Kony Crimelord General Kony Crimelord 1.30
Defeat General Kony and his army of vile thugs.
The Milkman Crimelord The Milkman Crimelord 1.54
Defeat the murdering, mustachioed Milkman, AND then complete any level with Milkman.
Lady Chop Chop Lady Chop Chop 1.50
Defeat Lady Chop Chop and her deadly steel blade, AND then complete any level with Lady Chop Chop.
Dogsworth McFreedom Dogsworth McFreedom 1.52
You threw a dog and killed someone. We're calling Animal Protection.
Zotmeister Zotmeister 1.61
Defeat any level using Zotmeister.
Steven Dengler Steven Dengler 1.46
Defeat any level using Steven Dengler.
Ash Vickers Ash Vickers 1.46
Defeat any level using Ash Vickers.
Chairman Kodoshin Chairman Kodoshin 1.71
Defeat any level using Chairman Kodoshin.
Lock 'n' Load Lock 'n' Load 1.27
Confiscate 20 firearms from enemies.
Grave Digger Grave Digger 1.12
Defeat an enemy on the Cemetery Level with a shovel.
Quentin Le Loup Quentin Le Loup 1.65
Defeat any level using Quentin Le Loup.

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