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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Starbound Starbound 1.29 01/23/2015 09:57:36
Hold 700 Stars at Once in a Match
Fair Trade Fair Trade 1.15 01/23/2015 09:47:18
Use an Exchange Card with Beneficial Results
Banned for Life Banned for Life 0.61 01/23/2015 09:31:00
Defeat the Manager Boss
Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards 0.50 01/23/2015 08:42:52
Attempt to Start a Game with Less than 10 Cards

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
100% Orange Juice 100% Orange Juice 1.76
Complete Every Non-DLC Achievement in 100% Orange Juice
Pudding Chaser Pudding Chaser 1.25
Complete QP's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Hyper Hyper 1.28
Complete Suguri's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher
A Little Aviator A Little Aviator 1.34
Complete Marc's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Penny Pincher Penny Pincher 1.34
Complete Kai's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Poppo? Poppo? 1.52
Complete the Extra Scenarios on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Superstar Superstar 1.53
Complete All Scenarios on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Booster Pack Booster Pack 0.71
Reach 25% Card Binder Completion
Collector Collector 0.98
Reach 50% Card Binder Completion
Card Shark Card Shark 1.19
Reach 75% Card Binder Completion
Card Sage Card Sage 1.51
Reach 100% Card Binder Completion
People Watching People Watching 1.46
Acquire All Non-DLC Unit Cards
Nice Present Nice Present 0.67
Get a Rare Card from Purchasing a Card Pack
Shiny! Shiny! 0.72
Roll 10 or Higher on a Bonus Panel
Poppo Always Wins Poppo Always Wins 1.23
Play 70 Games
Little Wars Little Wars 1.34
Win 35 Games
Tougher Than Diamond Tougher Than Diamond 1.39
Win a Game Without Being KO'd on Any Field with Air Raid Event
Your Home Is My Home Your Home Is My Home 1.33
Win a Game Without Visiting Your Home Base
And Away They Went And Away They Went 0.81
Use a Trap to Prevent an Enemy Level-up
Full Metal Brother Full Metal Brother 0.72
Defeat the Boss Robot
Moving Castle in the Sky Moving Castle in the Sky 0.84
Defeat the Castle Boss
Mimyuu's Hammer Mimyuu's Hammer 1.10
Defeat 100 NPCs
Definite Defender Definite Defender 0.88
Survive an Attack with an Offensive Roll of 9 or Higher
You Can Run... You Can Run... 0.65
Defeat Each Opponent at Least Once in a Single Game
Some People Have All the Luck! Some People Have All the Luck! 0.75
Fail the Final Revive Roll
The Girl Who Stole the Stars The Girl Who Stole the Stars 1.13
Steal 50 Stars from An Enemy with Ubiquitous
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0.66
Defeat 5 Enemies in a Row Without Being KO'd
Pacifist Pacifist 0.53
Win a Game by Only Picking Collect Stars Options
Duelist Duelist 0.95
Win a Game by Only Picking Battle Options
Battle Master Battle Master 1.45
Get 21 Win Points in a Single Game
Vendetta Vendetta 1.45
Defeat the Same Opponent 5 Times During Battles in a Single Game
Mad Dash Mad Dash 0.99
A maddening display of speed
Turned Tables Turned Tables 1.16
The hunter became the hunted
Riding the Blast Wave Riding the Blast Wave 1.64
A cinematic experience
Extortion Extortion 2.50
Steal 50+ stars in one battle using the Dark Side of Business
Poppo Stole the Precious Things Poppo Stole the Precious Things 2.31
Steal 2+ cards with one Treasure Thief
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 2.58
KO 2 players afflicted with Wanted in one game
Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming 2.62
Use Price of Power to play a card at least 2 levels above your level
Finding Friends Finding Friends 2.58
KO 3 players in one game while carrying Lost Child
Wild Party Wild Party 2.06
Bring a Party to a home panel
Big, Bigger, Po Big, Bigger, Po 2.54
KO Big Poppo
Priceless Treasure Priceless Treasure 2.39
Pick up 3 Hyper treasures in one game.
The Lonely Ride The Lonely Ride 0.00
The Third Wheel The Third Wheel 0.00
One Man Left Behind One Man Left Behind 0.00
Anger Road Anger Road 0.00
Full Throttle Full Throttle 0.00
Gear Max!! Gear Max!! 0.00
Full Tank Please Full Tank Please 0.00
Mileage May Wary Mileage May Wary 0.00
Roadkill Roadkill 0.00
Final Destination Final Destination 0.00

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