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Rank 89733
Achievements 343 (435.95 points)
Number of games and DLCs 6
Number of all owning games 10
Badges 2 (490 XP)
Member since March 16, 2009
Total playing time 2162.0 hours
Completion rate 0.0 %

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Game Unlocked achievements Locked achievements
Current best # Points Next easiest # Points
America's Army 3 1.6402983665Ninja SoldierAvengerSoldier Sensor (Bronze)Up and At 'EmBest Patient EverTwo Birds, One StoneCzervenia Campaign Ribbon 19 26.51 1.3412836790Expert Life Saver BadgeArmy Overseas Service RibbonOne Man ArmySpotless RecordWeapon Bar: CarbineExpert Basic Rifle Marksmanship BadgeWeapon Bar: Rifle 52 80.15
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Arma 3 1.6305315495PeacekeeperEvery Man for HimselfQuestion of LoyaltyGuerilla WarfareCompetitive ShooterTactical WithdrawalSubscriber 10 8.70 0.5860793591Lock and LoadWorshiperFirst DeploymentVirtual Vehicle InspectionShowtimeK.I.A.Godly Creations 31 45.97
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Assetto Corsa 1.9509779215Flight simulator : MediumA taste of the Ring : Golden GloryDrift MasterA taste of the Ring : GoldLotus cup : Golden GloryFlight simulator : EasyOversteering Hard : Gold 119 178.91 1.0134135485Completely destroy your carGoing for the distance (250)500 Race : GoldRun baby run! : BronzeAlesi says, step on it : BronzeClassic Run : SilverQuick one : Silver 157 325.08
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DiRT Rally 2.1234328747Show BoatWe the TerrorsNobody Knows I’m FamousSo Last YearFriends-Rivals-Champions-LegendsChild of the 80'sBorn to Run 131 178.08 0.9905781150I Am the 5%Good SpotThe Twists and Turns of the TarmacOwnedTake Your PickVisceral...but in the Correct Meaning of the WordThe Camera Drones Hovering Overhead 39 64.83
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Sid Meier's Civilization V 1.6683194637Barbary PirateForty-NinerThe Appian WayArabian KnightsThe ExplorerBarbarian WarlordFlying Fortress 57 37.16 0.4864275753Eighty-Eight Miles per HourExpansionistTeam PlayerExperimenterThe Best State of a RepublicFreedom Isn't FreeThe Pen is Mightier 61 77.17
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Total War: EMPIRE - Definitive Edition 1.4119240046Veteran StrategistBloody MadmanAmerican HeroMaster of the AmericasRaw RecruitExpansionist PowerFounding Father 7 6.59 1.0691407919A New RomeWhiff of GrapeshotBloodedMaharajah of the IndiesPolymathAssassin!Drumbeat to Victory 23 37.21
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