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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Aviators Aviators 1.28 02/13/2016 15:07:14
Activate the aviators.
This monday to friday plane This monday to friday plane 1.27 02/13/2016 15:04:32
Activate the snake.
Totally Unrecognizable Totally Unrecognizable 1.17 02/13/2016 15:04:17
Witness the zeppelin.
The Last Baron The Last Baron 1.16 02/13/2016 15:03:48
Witness the Red Baron.
Deserted Deserted 1.14 02/13/2016 15:03:28
Completed the first level.
Mad Hat Mad Hat 1.06 02/13/2016 14:43:56
Activate the top hat.
Deal with it. Deal with it. 1.14 02/13/2016 14:42:58
Activate the sunglasses.
Anger Management Required Anger Management Required 0.95 02/10/2016 17:18:13
You really aught to do something about that stabbing habit.
You Buffoon! You Buffoon! 0.99 02/10/2016 17:15:03
Yes, well ... I'd call you a buffoon too if you poured hot water on me. Indeed!
The Fancy Finger The Fancy Finger 1.01 02/10/2016 17:14:06
Flip the bird, if the bird were a fancy bird.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Flying High Flying High 1.43
Completed the second level.
Tea, the final frontier Tea, the final frontier 1.54
Completed the third level.
Zombino Zombino 1.62
Completed the fourth level.
Only half a buffoon Only half a buffoon 1.72
Completed the final level.
Fish Slap Fish Slap 1.16
Activate the fish!
Turnip Surprise Turnip Surprise 1.32
Activate the turnip.
Calm Book Calm Book 1.44
Activate the calm book.
That's Dino-might! That's Dino-might! 1.55
Use the dynamite.
Oops. Oops. 1.62
Use a frag grenade to end your tea party.
Over 2001 Over 2001 1.49
Activate the monolith.
Potato Box Potato Box 1.44
Witness the potato box flying through space-time.
Teaception Teaception 1.61
Make a tea within a tea, or something.
The Tea Boss The Tea Boss 2.05
Get an 'S' rank in every level, in both Mode 1 and Mode 2.
The Dude The Dude 1.96
Get an 'A' rank in all Mode 1 levels.
Straight A's Straight A's 2.05
Get an 'A' rank in all Mode 2 levels.
Bad Show! Bad Show! 1.62
Why would you shoot ted?! He's your best and only friend!
Young Grasshopper Young Grasshopper 1.47
Let the chi flow through the spasticity of your hand.
Dead Weight Dead Weight 1.49
This hand ain't goin' nowhere.

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