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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Elfstreet Boys Elfstreet Boys 0.79 04/18/2016 20:01:33
Baa with the choir
Sällskapsresan Sällskapsresan 0.68 04/18/2016 19:51:45
Visit all zones on the MMO level
One man, two shots and a religion One man, two shots and a religion 0.50 04/18/2016 19:28:29
Inflate that guy's knee
Jörgen Jörgen 0.48 04/18/2016 19:12:25
Mermaid Goat Mermaid Goat 0.63 04/18/2016 19:05:38
Unlock the mermaid mutator
Wheel Goat Wheel Goat 0.71 04/18/2016 18:55:03
Unlock the wheel of time mutator
Not again... Not again... 0.65 04/18/2016 18:50:00
Get deviously trapped again
Old Goat Old Goat 0.61 04/18/2016 18:33:36
Gravity Goat Gravity Goat 0.72 04/18/2016 18:24:47
Unlock the gravity goat mutator
Butthurt Butthurt 0.25 04/18/2016 17:32:46
Do a lot of hurt. With your butt.
Jousting Goat Jousting Goat 0.20 03/26/2016 11:59:42
Unlock the jousting mutator
Boat ride Boat ride 0.45 03/26/2016 11:48:53
Enjoy your trip
Steve's Quest Steve's Quest 0.13 03/25/2016 21:54:32
Give Steve Works the apples

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Better than Warlords of Dredmor Better than Warlords of Dredmor 0.88
Reach level 101
BFF BFF 0.95
Lick a friend
ExcaliGoat ExcaliGoat 0.73
Unlock the ExcaliGoat mutator
Music Non Stop Music Non Stop 0.80
Jump on the launchpad
Voluntary  QA Voluntary QA 0.71
Trash the server room
An Unnecessary Journey An Unnecessary Journey 0.84
Throw the dwarf Bilbo into the lava
Steal the show Steal the show 0.79
Do a card trick at the magician
Malleus Maleficarum Malleus Maleficarum 0.39
Burn them!
Love or Hate? Love or Hate? 1.00
Find all the trophies on the MMO Level.
The Icelandic Experience The Icelandic Experience 0.81
It never erupts when you want it to.

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