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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Navigo Navigo 0.51 05/07/2016 13:39:11
Deliver 200 passengers in Paris.
Oyster Oyster 0.37 05/07/2016 13:26:07
Deliver 200 passengers in London.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
MetroCard MetroCard 0.54
Deliver 200 passengers in New York City.
Monatskarten Monatskarten 0.51
Deliver 200 passengers in Berlin.
Octopus Octopus 0.58
Deliver 200 passengers in Hong Kong.
イコカ イコカ 0.63
Deliver 500 passengers in Osaka.
Подорожник Подорожник 0.69
Deliver 500 passengers in Saint Petersburg.
Deliver 500 passengers in Montréal.
Bilhete Único Bilhete Único 0.75
Deliver 500 passengers in São Paulo.
ركاب ركاب 0.81
Deliver 500 passengers in Cairo.
Hop Hop 0.93
Deliver 600 passengers in Auckland.
Thames Tunnel Thames Tunnel 1.05
Deliver 1000 passengers in London using no more than one tunnel.
City of Lines City of Lines 1.10
Deliver 1300 passengers in Paris using no more than three lines.
Square Times Square Times 1.58
Deliver 1600 passengers in New York City with square stations on no more than two lines.
The Grey Lokomotive The Grey Lokomotive 1.71
Deliver 1000 passengers in Berlin using no more than one locomotive per line.
Hong Kong Eights Hong Kong Eights 1.78
Deliver 1100 passengers in Hong Kong with no more than eight stations per line.
Ten weeks in Osaka Ten weeks in Osaka 1.59
Reach week ten in Osaka.
Green and orange and yellow and blue Green and orange and yellow and blue 1.82
Deliver 1600 passengers in Montréal using no more than four lines.
São Paulo Grand Prix São Paulo Grand Prix 1.68
Deliver 1200 passengers in São Paulo using only loops.
The City of Six Carriages The City of Six Carriages 1.89
Deliver 1400 passengers in Cairo using no more than one carriage per line.
Second Harbour Crossing Second Harbour Crossing 1.95
Deliver 1500 passengers in Auckland using no more than two tunnels.
Neva the Great Neva the Great 1.66
Deliver 1500 passengers in Saint Petersburg with tunnels on no more than one line.
myki myki 0.58
Deliver 300 passengers in Melbourne.
Hook Turn Hook Turn 1.22
Deliver 1000 passengers in Melbourne with at least one station connected to all lines.
Day trip Day trip 0.65
Post a score in a daily challenge.
Commuter Commuter 1.34
Post a score in the daily challenge every weekday for one week.
Clipper Clipper 1.15
Deliver 500 passengers in San Francisco.
Don't Have a Cow, Man Don't Have a Cow, Man 1.87
Reach week nine in San Francisco.
T-money T-money 1.23
Deliver 500 passengers in Seoul.
Seoul Train Seoul Train 1.93
Deliver 1400 passengers in Seoul with tunnels on no more than one line.
交通一卡通 交通一卡通 1.29
Deliver 500 passengers in Shanghai.
Shanglow? Shanghai! Shanglow? Shanghai! 1.89
Deliver 1200 passengers in Shanghai with at least one station connected to all lines.
SmarTrip SmarTrip 1.45
Deliver 500 passengers in Washington, D.C..
Money Train Money Train 1.80
Deliver 2100 passengers in Washington, D.C.
Istanbulkart Istanbulkart 1.52
Deliver 500 passengers in Istanbul.
Marmaray Marmaray 2.05
Deliver 1500 passengers in Istanbul using no more than one tunnel.
स्मार्टकार्ड स्मार्टकार्ड 1.54
Deliver 500 passengers in Mumbai.
Elaborate Dance Number Elaborate Dance Number 1.89
Reach week nine in Mumbai.
SL Access SL Access 1.66
Deliver 500 passengers in Stockholm.
Centralen Centralen 2.13
Reach week eight in Stockholm with at least one station connected to all lines.
EZ-Link EZ-Link 1.80
Deliver 500 passengers in Singapore.
Circle Line Circle Line 2.14
Deliver 1600 passengers in Singapore using no more than one loop.
Earl Grey Earl Grey 2.00
Deliver 1000 passengers in London.
Mustard and Sauerkraut Mustard and Sauerkraut 2.10
Deliver 1000 passengers in New York City.
Baguette Tradition Baguette Tradition 2.06
Deliver 1000 passengers in Paris.

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