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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
The half The half 0.73
Reach year 25
Americans Americans 0.93
Win for americans
British British 1.22
Win for british
Russians Russians 1.13
Win for russians
Greeks Greeks 1.10
Win for greeks
Japanese Japanese 1.32
Win for japanese
Celts Celts 1.26
Win for celts
French French 1.30
Win for french
Romans Romans 1.32
Win for romans
Divine Intervention Divine Intervention 0.99
Pick Divine Intervention
Chicken devil Chicken devil 1.13
Pick Chicken devil
The Community The Community 1.13
Pick The Community
Help of the forest Help of the forest 1.01
Pick Help of the forest
Persistence Persistence 1.37
Win for all nations
Scrolls are not necessary Scrolls are not necessary 1.06
Win without using scrolls
Angel beats Angel beats 1.15
Get two angels
Master of monsters Master of monsters 1.24
Get three hydras
An advanced economy An advanced economy 1.02
Hire 50 peasants
Unicorn Unicorn 0.85
Get a unicorn
Conqueror Conqueror 0.96
Clear all available dens in one game
Triumph Triumph 1.35
Confidient win
Americans II Americans II 1.43
Win for americans on hard
British II British II 1.54
Win for british on hard
Greeks II Greeks II 1.50
Win for greeks on hard
Russians II Russians II 1.54
Win for russians on hard
Japanese II Japanese II 1.54
Win for japanese on hard
French II French II 1.54
Win for french on hard
Romans II Romans II 1.54
Win for romans on hard
A tough year A tough year 0.75
Reach year 40
What's in a dungeon? What's in a dungeon? 0.70
Clear any den
First victory First victory 0.81
Win for any nation
Celts II Celts II 1.54
Win for celts on hard
Ore armor Ore armor 1.05
Get ore armor
Americans III Americans III 1.50
Win for americans on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
British III British III 1.62
Win for british on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
Greeks III Greeks III 1.58
Win for greeks on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
Russians III Russians III 1.58
Win for russians on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
Japanese III Japanese III 1.62
Win for japanese on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
French III French III 1.62
Win for french on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
Romans III Romans III 1.62
Win for romans on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
Celts III Celts III 1.58
Win for celts on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
Byzantines Byzantines 1.20
Win for byzantines
Byzantines II Byzantines II 1.58
Win for byzantines on hard
Byzantines III Byzantines III 1.62
Win for byzantines on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
25 years 25 years 1.32
Complete 25 years special game
Dark times Dark times 1.40
Complete darks times special game
M M 1.37
Complete M special game
Brutal force Brutal force 1.40
Complete brutal force special game
Invasion of zombie chickens Invasion of zombie chickens 1.46
Complete invasion of zombie chickens special game
Plague Plague 1.43
Complete Plague special game
Heroes Heroes 1.50
Complete Heroes special game
Egyptians Egyptians 1.58
Win for egyptians
Egyptians II Egyptians II 1.80
Win for egyptians on hard
Egyptians III Egyptians III 1.80
Win for egyptians on very hard (without Chicken Devil help)
Pioneers Pioneers 1.98
Complete Pioneers special game

Achievement Stats 1.18
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738.10 KiB memory usage
7 crawler available

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