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4.0 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
See you on the other side! See you on the other side! 1.21 01/16/2020 22:07:29
You saw it through to the very end.
Fast like a cat Fast like a cat 1.19 01/16/2020 20:32:57
I like cats.
Now you're playing with power! Now you're playing with power! 1.17 01/16/2020 20:12:16
Be careful with those photon connectors!
Vashta Nerada Vashta Nerada 1.39 01/16/2020 19:42:42
Hey, Who Turned Out The Lights?
Quality of Life Services Quality of Life Services 1.12 01/16/2020 18:44:20
Thank you.
NDA NDA 0.95 01/16/2020 18:41:08
Remember to sign it once you get out.
Sneakin' around Sneakin' around 0.91 01/16/2020 18:32:08
Where are you going?
Argh, the bridge collapsed Argh, the bridge collapsed 0.84 01/16/2020 18:25:02
You pushed the button too hard.
Ah, there it is! Ah, there it is! 0.78 01/16/2020 18:19:49
Saving humanity.
Say hello to my little friend Say hello to my little friend 0.75 01/16/2020 18:18:06
Take good care of that lamp!

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
I said no photographs! I said no photographs! 1.32
Didn't you sign the NDA?
Yippee ki-yay Yippee ki-yay 1.39
Sometimes it's good to vent a bit.
Klonk! Klonk! 1.38
Hey, don't kick that!
Record of six Record of six 1.46
Faster than light.
Burger Friday Burger Friday 1.53
1095.3 burgers were consumed during this production.
Damn fine cup of coffee Damn fine cup of coffee 1.41
Someone seems to be addicted.
The cake is alive The cake is alive 1.50
You can have your cake AND eat it!
Photon Fun Hour Photon Fun Hour 1.45
Do you need a break?
Schrödinger's cat Schrödinger's cat 1.43
Quantum superposition at the push of a button.
Contract work Contract work 1.48
I heard that tool is quite a hit.
Staring contest Staring contest 1.46
Big Brother is watching you.
Found Lux! Found Lux! 1.19
You crossed paths with that four-legged fluff ball.
Baptized Baptized 1.41
The human body can survive 21 days without food.

Achievement Stats 1.20
Executed 3 queries
718.61 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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