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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Collector Collector 1.12
Collect 10 abilities
Helpful Hand Helpful Hand 1.44
Use abilities 100 times
Threat Threat 1.04
Destroy 5 towers
Versatile Versatile 1.56
Use every ability 5 times each
War Monger War Monger 1.27
Destroy 100 towers
Humanity's Hero Humanity's Hero 1.71
Destroy 1000 towers
All in the family All in the family 1.59
Destroy each tower type at least once
Psyche Out Psyche Out 1.65
Fool a hacker into attacking a decoy
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg 1.72
Destroy 10 towers in 10 seconds
Convoy Convoy 1.48
Build a squad of 6 units
Pimp it up! Pimp it up! 1.79
Fully upgrade a unit of each type
Main Supplier Main Supplier 1.65
Use a supply unit to spawn 10 abilities
Fire away! Fire away! 1.36
Use Horangi Tank's special attack 10 times
My Private Arsenal My Private Arsenal 1.35
Purchase 10 units
Top Gear Top Gear 1.12
Upgrade a unit
Pocket change Pocket change 1.35
Collect $2500
Banker Banker 1.58
Collect $10000
First gold First gold 1.39
Earn 5 gold medals
Hero Hero 1.63
Complete the campaign
Hardcore Hero Hardcore Hero 1.85
Complete the campaign on Hardcore difficulty
Golden God Golden God 1.85
Earn all gold medals in the game
Grinder Grinder 1.81
Earn 500 000 points
Sun-Tzu Sun-Tzu 1.85
Complete all Art Of War Trials
Ace Rookie Ace Rookie 1.62
Complete mission 1 without losing any units, with 4 Boosts remaining, on Advanced difficulty or above
Medal of Valor Medal of Valor 1.73
Complete mission 2 without losing any units, without using Boost, on Advanced difficulty or above
Head On Head On 1.79
Complete mission 3 attacking 5 scorchers head-on, on Advanced difficulty or above
Tank Lord Tank Lord 1.75
Complete mission 4 using only unupgraded tanks, on Advanced difficulty or above
Protector Protector 1.68
Complete mission 5 without losing your Shielder, on Advanced difficulty or above
Master Blaster Master Blaster 1.82
Complete mission 6 destroying all towers, on Advanced difficulty or above
Scrooge Scrooge 1.79
Complete mission 7 buying just a single unit, on Advanced difficulty or above
Ground Control Ground Control 1.83
Complete mission 9 not triggering any airstrikes, on Advanced difficulty or above
Cautious Captain Cautious Captain 1.80
Complete mission 10 without activating a single energizer, on Advanced difficulty or above
Annihilator Annihilator 1.78
In mission 11, destroy every tower in each special zone , on Advanced difficulty or above
Pyrophobia Pyrophobia 1.85
In mission 12, destroy all energy relays without your squad catching fire, on Advanced difficulty or above
Sudden strike Sudden strike 1.85
Complete each of the sectors in mission 8 in under 1 min 50 sec, on Advanced difficulty or above

Achievement Stats 1.19
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711.50 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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