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13.2 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Bookworm Bookworm 1.40 07/31/2011 02:35:59
Collect all the Data cubes
Soldier of the Universe Soldier of the Universe 1.95 07/31/2011 02:30:21
Achieve Synthesis Soldier rank 'SS'
Whatever Your Size Is Whatever Your Size Is 1.87 07/31/2011 02:18:14
Perfect the Prime Guardian boss fight
Here is my True Strength Here is my True Strength 1.90 07/31/2011 01:38:35
Achieve Synthesis Soldier rank 'S'
I am the Destroyer I am the Destroyer 1.69 07/30/2011 23:12:49
Achieve Synthesis Soldier rank 'A'
Die Another Day Die Another Day 1.69 07/30/2011 23:12:43
Finish all of the stages without dying
Unlimited Energy Unlimited Energy 1.56 07/30/2011 23:12:43
Finish all of the stages without using a single repair kit
Boss Headhunter Boss Headhunter 1.54 07/30/2011 23:12:32
In Hard Mode, defeat all the bosses using only the Zytron Blaster
You Should Have Two You Should Have Two 1.64 07/26/2011 15:29:59
Perfect the Carrion boss fight
Don't Come Back Again Don't Come Back Again 1.18 07/26/2011 14:41:08
Perfect the Goliath boss fight
Fight with the Same Size Fight with the Same Size 1.85 07/26/2011 14:27:49
Perfect the Sentinel boss fight
It's getting too hot! It's getting too hot! 1.01 07/04/2011 21:14:21
Trick a Bomber to hit and destroy a Zytron Walker (LA)
I Am Trashman I Am Trashman 1.34 06/18/2011 20:10:58
Collect 1000 units of each material type
Ninety-Nine Combo Ninety-Nine Combo 0.89 06/18/2011 19:41:48
Maximize your attack combo
It's a Long Story It's a Long Story 1.08 06/18/2011 19:38:04
Watch all the cut-scenes without skipping
Primary Objective Primary Objective 0.97 06/18/2011 19:34:34
Finish the game once
Extinction of the Robots Extinction of the Robots 0.94 06/18/2011 19:05:56
Destroy 1000 enemies
Close Combat Fighter Close Combat Fighter 1.12 06/17/2011 19:36:02
Destroy 10 enemies, using your Dash Attack
Ready For Action Ready For Action 0.71 06/17/2011 19:32:50
Finish all of the in-game tutorials
Burst with the Energy Burst with the Energy 0.78 06/17/2011 19:26:02
Destroy 5 or more enemies, at once with Valkyl's Zypher Cannon
Where is the Emergency? Where is the Emergency? 0.42 06/17/2011 19:10:25
Discover and use your first repair machine
Art of Destruction Art of Destruction 1.21 06/17/2011 19:02:17
Destroy 20 enemies, using your Grenade Attack
Master of Stun Master of Stun 1.22 06/17/2011 19:01:04
Stun 10 enemies with the EMP grenade
Weapon At Maximum Weapon At Maximum 0.81 06/17/2011 18:20:33
Upgrade one of your weapons to its maximum level

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