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5.4 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Gallery Perfectionist Gallery Perfectionist 1.39 06/15/2012 13:49:15
Complete all of the gallery levels.
Clock Tower Perfectionist Clock Tower Perfectionist 1.44 06/15/2012 13:43:27
Complete all of the clocktower levels.
Castle Reclaimed Castle Reclaimed 1.38 06/15/2012 13:37:23
Defeat the guardian of the clocktower.
Abridged Abridged 1.49 06/15/2012 10:35:22
Complete "Extending Platform" without using the rope.
Graveyard Perfectionist Graveyard Perfectionist 1.42 06/14/2012 20:46:50
Complete all of the graveyard levels.
Face The Fear Face The Fear 1.48 06/14/2012 20:28:44
Complete "Spike Dodging" without using the teleporter.
Boiler Room Perfectionist Boiler Room Perfectionist 1.33 06/14/2012 11:35:33
Complete all of the boiler room levels.
Ninja Ninja 1.36 06/14/2012 09:33:36
Complete "In One Way..." in less than 16 seconds.
Dungeon Perfectionist Dungeon Perfectionist 0.96 06/14/2012 00:16:28
Complete all of the dungeon levels.
Shmu Herder Shmu Herder 0.76 06/14/2012 00:00:35
Complete a level containing Shmu.
Master Of Time Master Of Time 0.70 06/13/2012 23:54:45
Complete a time travel level.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Teamwork Teamwork 1.66
Complete all the CoOp levels.
Teleporting Perfectionist Teleporting Perfectionist 1.59
Complete all the Teleporting Troubles levels.

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