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Current best achievements of Vichan

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Dude, Where's my Boat? Dude, Where's my Boat? 2.58 04/04/2018 00:30:51
Capture 20 boats with the Boarding Naval Doctrine.
Worst Day Ever Worst Day Ever 2.56 12/19/2017 11:31:28
Have Disease, Fatigue, and Poison active at the same time.
Bright Spark Bright Spark 2.53 04/11/2018 22:39:33
Have 50 Innovativeness.
Tough Love Tough Love 2.49 02/19/2017 19:23:36
Locate the prototype assault heartgun.
Factory Reset Factory Reset 2.49 02/15/2017 14:31:47
Successfully knock out Walton Simons.
Double Cross Double Cross 2.49 12/18/2017 13:04:37
Double-crossed Matron Mother Ardulace in Ust Natha.
High Tech War High Tech War 2.43 02/13/2017 22:40:37
Shoot plasma while dodging plasma.
Smash The State Smash The State 2.43 02/05/2017 00:39:02
Terrorise the anti-terrorist coalition from within.
Sacrifices Must Be Made Sacrifices Must Be Made 2.40 12/19/2017 13:30:25
Finish the game with a full party of dead allies.
The Unavoidable Sacrifice The Unavoidable Sacrifice 2.39 02/19/2017 19:59:02
Finish the game with only a single, particular kill on your conscience.
The One Augmented Man The One Augmented Man 2.39 02/06/2017 14:22:07
Stole the one free crowbar.
Last Bullet, Last Chance Last Bullet, Last Chance 2.38 08/20/2017 10:10:45
Kill someone using the very last bullet available for your weapon.
Deus Express Delivery Deus Express Delivery 2.38 02/02/2017 18:50:03
Overcome great difficulty to deliver a cold pizza.
In Balduran's Image In Balduran's Image 2.38 12/07/2017 14:14:51
Don the sword, shield, helm, and plate of Balduran.
Ancient Empires King Ancient Empires King 2.36 08/05/2016 12:46:15
Beat the Ancient Empires Lux campaign on King difficulty or higher
Lord of Murder Lord of Murder 2.35 07/05/2017 22:34:00
Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty.
Duel of the Fates Duel of the Fates 2.35 02/13/2017 11:51:55
En garde!
Supply and Demand Supply and Demand 2.35 02/10/2017 14:41:09
Buy drugs, sell drugs.
Laughing Contest Laughing Contest 2.35 02/03/2017 11:29:45
Place yourself in the other side of an awkward conversation.
The Dragon Swallowed the Sun The Dragon Swallowed the Sun 2.34 03/12/2018 17:45:08
As Manchukuo, break free from Japan and annex your former Overlord without being in a faction.
A Sister's Sacrifice A Sister's Sacrifice 2.32 12/18/2017 15:48:12
Convinced Imoen to restore Sarevok with her soul.
Weapons Through the Ages Weapons Through the Ages 2.32 02/08/2017 16:07:56
Carry a sword from each era of man.
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades 2.31 02/13/2017 22:55:19
A versatile agent is an unstoppable agent.
To the Limit To the Limit 2.31 12/18/2017 15:03:33
Cast Limited Wish and dealt with the results.
Denton, J.C. Denton Denton, J.C. Denton 2.30 02/10/2017 14:44:13
You have no trouble mixing business with pleasure.
Grave Digger Grave Digger 2.30 02/08/2017 16:33:13
Refilled the graveyard.
Peace At Last Peace At Last 2.29 12/18/2017 13:33:43
Put Yoshimo's soul to rest.
Worst Day Ever Worst Day Ever 2.29 07/01/2017 21:00:34
Have Disease, Fatigue, and Poison active at the same time.
Best Day Ever Best Day Ever 2.28 12/18/2017 15:06:06
Have Bless, Chant, and Luck active at the same time.
Oathbreaker Oathbreaker 2.28 03/20/2016 22:17:15
Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger.
Hail to the Qing Hail to the Qing 2.27 03/12/2018 17:30:50
As Manchukuo, restore the Qing dynasty.
Lack of Respect Lack of Respect 2.27 02/13/2017 22:46:12
Unknown Risks Unknown Risks 2.26 12/18/2017 10:40:49
Risked the mysterious portal in Spellhold.
Invisible War Invisible War 2.25 02/15/2017 15:19:00
The unseen battles are the most important.
All Along the Watchtower All Along the Watchtower 2.25 01/25/2018 20:10:00
Unlock all other achievements.
Orderly Surroundings Orderly Surroundings 2.25 03/14/2016 17:33:45
Acquire the paladin stronghold.
Sacrifices Must Be Made Sacrifices Must Be Made 2.24 12/11/2016 20:46:10
Finish the game with a full party of dead allies.
In and Out In and Out 2.24 02/06/2017 20:03:19
You destroyed the Versalife UC without collateral damage.
Best of the Best Best of the Best 2.24 02/15/2017 15:22:47
Mastered five skills at once.
Fresh Start Fresh Start 2.23 02/05/2017 11:36:16
You left it all behind.
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect 2.23 02/05/2017 00:22:51
Test your skills on the shooting range each time.
Flying Solo Flying Solo 2.23 07/05/2017 22:05:27
Complete the game solo.
Infiltration Work Infiltration Work 2.23 02/08/2017 15:17:02
Sneak into the PRCS Wall Cloud without killing or knocking out anyone.
Friend of Darkness Friend of Darkness 2.22 12/06/2017 13:21:42
Allied yourself with Athkatla's vampire guild.
Contamination and Mutants Contamination and Mutants 2.22 02/10/2017 23:32:13
Contaminated the Vandenberg tests with one of Page's subjects.
Underground Secrets Underground Secrets 2.22 02/02/2017 19:39:30
Read the secret to get into a hidden community
Oh Captain My Captain Oh Captain My Captain 2.21 01/24/2018 13:52:56
Pilot Your First Spaceship
Seize the Throne Seize the Throne 2.21 12/19/2017 13:29:18
Destroyed Amellyssan the Blackhearted and took your place as a god.
Silver Dragon Slayer Silver Dragon Slayer 2.21 12/18/2017 12:35:35
Slew the silver dragon Adalon.
Caress of Steel Caress of Steel 2.21 01/21/2018 20:52:33
Complete Boss Rush on Nightmare difficulty with all versions of all characters.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2.21 03/18/2018 17:04:54
As China, puppet and then annex Yunnan and Guangxi Clique.
Fully Prepared Fully Prepared 2.20 02/15/2017 14:19:32
Enter Page's bunker in tip-top shape.
Regrettable Actions Regrettable Actions 2.20 02/03/2017 15:02:51
You might want to reconsider some of your life choices.
Whack-A-Mole Whack-A-Mole 2.20 02/02/2017 19:37:23
Whacked a certain mole.
Reporting for Duty Free Reporting for Duty Free 2.20 02/02/2017 19:11:47
Malory, Manderley, close enough.
Heavy Is the Head Heavy Is the Head 2.20 12/19/2017 13:32:16
Destroyed Amellyssan the Blackhearted and refused the power of Bhaal.
Private Memoirs Private Memoirs 2.19 02/10/2017 17:52:57
Confront and report a petty mechanic.
Ninja Ninja 2.19 02/06/2017 19:33:35
Fully upgrade the run silent augmentation.
Nothing to Stop Me Nothing to Stop Me 2.19 02/19/2017 19:59:02
Completed the game on Realistic difficulty.
Always Something New Always Something New 2.19 02/15/2017 15:13:30
Now you found the secret code...
Xenophile Xenophile 2.18 02/19/2017 19:59:02
Complete the game without killing any Grays, Greasels, or Karkians.
Too Close For Comfort Too Close For Comfort 2.18 02/19/2017 16:21:24
Knock out a Gray with a baton.
No Unnecessary Risks No Unnecessary Risks 2.18 02/03/2017 12:52:19
You courteously spared the NSF.
The Good, the Bad and the Weird The Good, the Bad and the Weird 2.18 03/14/2018 15:25:46
As Manchukuo, have max level infrastructure in every owned state and generate at least 15 units of oil.
Reunited Reunited 2.18 12/06/2017 14:34:17
Reunite Cernd with his estranged family.
Indecisive Preparations Indecisive Preparations 2.17 02/19/2017 20:07:26
Cutting Corners Cutting Corners 2.17 02/06/2017 14:56:36
Paranoia can be addictive, Agent.
Friend of Volo Friend of Volo 2.16 09/20/2016 17:33:58
Complete the game on Story Mode difficulty.
Loremaster Loremaster 2.16 07/05/2017 22:07:18
Have a Lore skill of 100 or more.
Hall of Mirrors Hall of Mirrors 2.16 02/15/2017 15:24:13
Evade Walton Simons at every opportunity.
Unleaded Destruction Unleaded Destruction 2.16 02/11/2017 00:27:31
Support clean energy
01. [Turbine] Introduction to the Turbine 01. [Turbine] Introduction to the Turbine 2.16 12/15/2016 22:26:12
Awarded for completing scenario “01. [Turbine] Introduction to the Turbine” with a score of at least 1000 points.
Friends Like These Friends Like These 2.15 12/18/2017 10:37:24
Discovered a traitor in your midst.
Heh Heh Heh Heh 2.15 02/03/2017 11:31:29
Made JC laugh.
Epic Warrior Epic Warrior 2.14 12/19/2017 13:14:05
Reach level 30 with a Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Monk, or Barbarian.
Expert Usage Expert Usage 2.14 08/19/2017 16:32:27
Destroy a camera, turret, or alarm panel using a sniper rifle or low tech weapon.
Cover Charge Cover Charge 2.14 02/06/2017 14:31:20
You knocked out the door girl...poetically.
Nonbeliever Nonbeliever 2.14 02/03/2017 14:22:49
You made your brother genuinely angry.
Impermeable Skin Impermeable Skin 2.13 02/13/2017 12:01:36
Fully upgrade ballistic protection augmentation.
Unearthed Horrors Unearthed Horrors 2.12 02/08/2017 16:19:11
Ventured in the deep unknown.
Copper Wiring Copper Wiring 2.12 02/05/2017 00:33:51
Subverted your partner's expectations.
What a Shame. What a Shame. 2.12 02/03/2017 15:00:28
What a Shame.
Untouchable Untouchable 2.12 07/03/2017 13:42:28
Have an Armor Class of -15 or lower.
Empressive Empressive 2.12 02/10/2014 13:03:17
Play as three consecutive generations of empresses
Lockdown Lockdown 2.11 02/19/2017 19:47:26
Shut down every UC Page controls.
Jesus Christ, Denton Jesus Christ, Denton 2.11 02/02/2017 19:14:49
Did something you really weren't supposed to do.
Green Dragon Saviour Green Dragon Saviour 2.11 12/19/2017 11:43:46
Used the scroll of reversal to free the green dragon Fil'Yissetat.
Villain Villain 2.11 03/20/2016 22:17:33
Acquire Despised reputation.
The Nether Scroll The Nether Scroll 2.11 12/13/2017 10:22:42
Help Edwin track down the Nether Scroll.
Killing Machine Killing Machine 2.10 02/11/2017 00:42:45
Anna Navarre would be proud.
...And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt ...And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt 2.10 01/25/2018 20:10:00
Unlock Yunica's schoolgirl outfit.
Sisters Sisters 2.10 03/14/2016 17:33:43
Help Mazzy Fentan's sister.
Places to Go, Things to Do Places to Go, Things to Do 2.09 02/05/2017 11:36:16
You gave Manderley a chance to live.
Catch the Train Catch the Train 2.09 01/18/2017 11:26:50
You have some interesting priorities, Agent.
Wallowing in Failure Wallowing in Failure 2.09 04/24/2017 15:01:13
Sheriff's worse than when you met him
The Invisible Man The Invisible Man 2.09 02/10/2017 23:28:29
Fully upgrade cloak augmentation.
Human Revolution Human Revolution 2.09 02/08/2017 15:07:19
A great use of precious time.
Not Quite Convinced Not Quite Convinced 2.09 02/03/2017 14:34:30
You went for another option.
I Dub Thee I Dub Thee 2.08 03/14/2016 17:34:04
See Anomen join the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart.
The Fifth Challenge The Fifth Challenge 2.08 12/19/2017 13:24:53
Struck down the Ravager.

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