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9.6 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Away Team: Mission Accomplished Away Team: Mission Accomplished 1.50 04/27/2013 17:21:11
Complete all chapters in co-operative play
Well Done Captain Well Done Captain 1.19 04/27/2013 17:21:11
Completed the game on any difficulty setting
Beat Mothership Beat Mothership 1.19 04/27/2013 17:21:11
Completed the Mothership chapter on any difficulty
Vulcan Repeater Master Vulcan Repeater Master 1.67 04/27/2013 17:08:48
Kill 100 enemies with the Vulcan Repeater
Beat Enterprise Capture Beat Enterprise Capture 1.17 04/27/2013 16:48:29
Completed the Enterprise Capture chapter on any difficulty
Non-Lethal Master Non-Lethal Master 1.11 04/27/2013 16:33:15
Took down 30 enemies in a non-lethal manner
Get to the Shuttle! Get to the Shuttle! 1.16 04/27/2013 16:04:57
After the brawl, escape in less than 6 minutes in "The Trials" chapter
Beat Gorn Planet & The Trials Beat Gorn Planet & The Trials 1.15 04/27/2013 16:04:56
Completed the Gorn Planet & The Trials chapters on any difficulty
Are You Not Entertained? Are You Not Entertained? 1.24 04/27/2013 15:59:56
Win the brawl against your buddy in "The Trials" chapter
Vulcan Repeater Tinkerer Vulcan Repeater Tinkerer 1.66 04/27/2013 15:30:59
Bought all upgrades for the Vulcan Repeater
Technologic Technologic 1.11 04/27/2013 15:21:38
Cleared 30 mini-games including co-operative hacks, bypasses, and power reroutes
Ravager Master Ravager Master 1.42 04/27/2013 14:46:51
Kill 50 enemies with the Ravager
Researcher Researcher 1.33 04/27/2013 13:35:56
Found half of all research items
Striker Master Striker Master 1.79 04/27/2013 13:29:35
Kill 20 enemies with the Striker
I Have Been, and Always Shall Be, Your Friend I Have Been, and Always Shall Be, Your Friend 1.67 04/27/2013 13:18:11
As Spock, bleed out during a downed state, leaving Kirk alone and failing the mission
Beat Volatile Cargo & Flashback Beat Volatile Cargo & Flashback 1.07 04/27/2013 13:03:48
Completed the Volatile Cargo & Flashback chapters on any difficulty
Listening In Listening In 1.49 04/27/2013 12:49:41
Found half of all audio logs
Beat Frontier Starbase Beat Frontier Starbase 1.06 04/27/2013 12:43:00
Completed the Frontier Starbase chapter on any difficulty
Away Team: Mission In-Progress Away Team: Mission In-Progress 1.39 04/27/2013 12:42:59
Complete four chapters in co-operative play
My Robot Friend My Robot Friend 1.14 04/27/2013 11:03:28
Hack an enemy drone to your side and have it kill another enemy
Beat Space Battle Beat Space Battle 0.87 04/27/2013 09:46:46
Completed the Space Battle chapter on any difficulty
Beat New Vulcan Beat New Vulcan 0.84 04/27/2013 09:41:13
Completed the New Vulcan chapter on any difficulty
Go Team! Go Team! 0.79 04/27/2013 08:57:53
Kill or take down an enemy that your teammate (AI or co-op) has stunned
Away Team: Mission Initiated Away Team: Mission Initiated 1.11 04/27/2013 08:44:53
Complete one chapter in co-operative play
Beat Helios-1 Beat Helios-1 0.68 04/27/2013 08:44:53
Completed the Helios-1 chapter on any difficulty

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Into Darkness Into Darkness 1.67
Completed the game on hard difficulty setting
Captain's Phaser Master Captain's Phaser Master 1.26
Kill 100 enemies with the Captain's Phaser
Starfleet Phaser Rifle Master Starfleet Phaser Rifle Master 1.41
Kill 50 enemies with the Starfleet Phaser Rifle
Vulcan Pulse Cannon Master Vulcan Pulse Cannon Master 1.87
Kill 50 enemies with the Vulcan Pulse Cannon
Starfleet Type III Rifle Master Starfleet Type III Rifle Master 1.41
Kill 20 enemies with the Starfleet Type III Rifle
Marauder Master Marauder Master 1.84
Kill 50 enemies with the Marauder
Pillager Master Pillager Master 1.65
Kill 50 enemies with the Pillager
Railer Master Railer Master 1.81
Kill 50 enemies with the Railer
Arc Driver Master Arc Driver Master 1.92
Kill 50 enemies with the Arc Driver
Plasma Grenade Master Plasma Grenade Master 1.82
Kill 20 enemies with Plasma Grenades
Weapon Experimenter Weapon Experimenter 1.87
Connect every weapon's alternate fire with enemies
The Whole Story The Whole Story 1.98
Found all audio logs
Fascinating Fascinating 1.97
Found all research items
Captain's Phaser Tinkerer Captain's Phaser Tinkerer 1.56
Bought all upgrades for the Captain's Phaser
Tricorder Tinkerer Tricorder Tinkerer 1.61
Bought all upgrades for the Tricorder
Dagger of the Mind Dagger of the Mind 1.95
Performed Mind Meld on 10 different enemies
Live Long and Prosper Live Long and Prosper 1.83
Revived your teammate (AI or co-op player) 20 times
All Power to Forward Shields All Power to Forward Shields 2.00
Complete the Space Battle with a hull integrity of 85% or more
Exemplary Commendation Exemplary Commendation 2.00
Complete all Optional Objectives
I'll Cover You! I'll Cover You! 1.56
Order your teammate (AI or co-op) and have him complete 5 bypasses in a row
One Man Army One Man Army 1.25
Kill 3 enemies while your teammate (AI or co-op player) is in a downed state
Down But Not Out Down But Not Out 1.64
Kill 3 enemies while in a single downed state
Arena Arena 1.00
As Kirk, get a Gorn enemy to melee you
Honorary Commendation Honorary Commendation 1.48
Complete half of all Optional Objectives

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