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15.4 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Multi Face-eted Multi Face-eted 0.48 01/03/2015 22:55:24
Defeated the Empyrean Sentinel.
Moon Master Moon Master 0.47 01/03/2015 22:45:22
Reached level 25.
Mouth To Mouth Mouth To Mouth 0.65 01/03/2015 22:26:03
Revived 10 players with Oxygen.
Vault Hunter Superior Vault Hunter Superior 0.48 01/03/2015 22:25:45
Defeated the Opha Superior.
A House Divided A House Divided 0.43 01/03/2015 21:04:41
Completed the mission ''Eye To Eye''.
The Guts Of Helios The Guts Of Helios 0.42 01/03/2015 01:30:25
Completed the mission ''Watch Your Step''.
Brain Drain Brain Drain 0.40 01/03/2015 00:49:50
Completed the mission ''Science And Violence''.
Helios Rising Helios Rising 0.39 12/26/2014 10:43:38
Completed the mission ''Home Sweet Home''.
Who Constructs The Constructor? Who Constructs The Constructor? 0.38 11/12/2014 17:39:57
Completed the mission ''Let's Build A Robot Army''.
Pancake Parlor Pancake Parlor 0.66 10/21/2014 14:47:07
Pancaked an enemy in the Stingray.
High Fashion High Fashion 0.24 10/20/2014 09:10:38
Unlocked 10 Customization Items.
Super Secret Stash Super Secret Stash 0.40 10/19/2014 23:34:33
Opened Zarpedon's Chest.
Drakensburg, Schmakensburg Drakensburg, Schmakensburg 0.33 10/19/2014 23:29:07
Completed the mission ''Intelligences Of The Artificial Persuasion''.
Grind 'n' Bear It Grind 'n' Bear It 0.36 10/18/2014 18:27:50
Used the Grinder to create an item.
Lunar Lieutenant Lunar Lieutenant 0.27 10/18/2014 18:03:06
Reached level 10.
I Shot The Meriff I Shot The Meriff 0.27 10/18/2014 17:58:52
Completed the mission ''A New Direction''.
Dejamminated Dejamminated 0.22 10/18/2014 12:40:33
Completed the mission ''Systems Jammed''.
Welcome To The Rock Welcome To The Rock 0.20 10/18/2014 02:30:58
Completed the mission ''Marooned''.
Space Rookie Space Rookie 0.18 10/18/2014 01:53:05
Reached level 5.
Invaders Must Die Invaders Must Die 0.16 10/17/2014 19:50:38
Completed the mission ''Lost Legion Invasion''.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Once More With Feeling Once More With Feeling 0.68
Completed the mission ''Return of Captain Chef''.
Do Shoot the Messenger Do Shoot the Messenger 0.70
Delivered Zarpedon's message.
The Gun In The Stone The Gun In The Stone 1.05
Pulled Excalibastard from the stone.
Who You Gonna Call? Who You Gonna Call? 1.34
Completed the Sub-Level 13 missions with 3 other players.
Guardian Guardian Guardian Guardian 0.93
Saved the Guardians from the Scav Poachers.
Modern Fart Modern Fart 0.57
Completed the mission ''To Arms''.
Side Quest Student Side Quest Student 0.53
Completed 30 side missions.
Moon Mission Meister Moon Mission Meister 0.97
Completed all of the side missions.
The Bigger They Are The Bigger They Are 0.74
Defeated the Invincible Empyrean Sentinel.
Rocketeer Rocketeer 0.65
Launched four rockets From Elpis.
Air Supremacy Air Supremacy 0.81
Killed 100 enemies with Wolf.
No, I'm Athena! No, I'm Athena! 0.99
Killed 100 enemies with the Aspis.
That Helped, Right? That Helped, Right? 1.49
Experienced all Vault Hunter Modes using VaultHunter.EXE.
Executioner Executioner 1.01
Killed 10 enemies in a single activation of Showdown.
That Tasted Purple! That Tasted Purple! 0.70
Had purple-rated gear or better equipped in every slot.
Challenger Challenger 1.58
Completed level 1 of all challenges with a single character.
Space Lord Space Lord 0.97
Reached level 50.
Moxxi's Sampler Moxxi's Sampler 0.99
Tried all the Moxxtails in the Up Over Bar in Concordia.
Lunar Looter Lunar Looter 1.17
Looted 10 Moonstone Chests.
I Come From The Land Up Over I Come From The Land Up Over 0.96
Discovered all named locations in Serenity's Waste, Triton Flats and Stanton's Liver.
Beam Me Up Beam Me Up 0.79
Discovered all named locations aboard the Helios Space Station.
Eridian Explorer Eridian Explorer 1.03
Discovered all named locations in Outlands Canyon, Outlands Spur and Vorago Solitude.
Cosmic Completionist Cosmic Completionist 1.23
Discovered all named locations.
The Duelist The Duelist 0.55
Won a duel.
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage 1.26
Had a Lost Legion Eternal kill 3 of his friends.
360 No Scope 360 No Scope 0.87
While airborne, spun 360 degrees then got a kill with a Sniper Rifle without using the scope.
Expensive Taste Expensive Taste 0.76
Used the Grinder to create a Legendary item.
Ice To Meet You Ice To Meet You 1.33
Shattered 3 frozen enemies with a single slam attack.
Elementalist Elementalist 0.87
Had an enemy frozen, corroded, ignited, and electrocuted at the same time.
Who Needs Air? Who Needs Air? 1.04
Suffocated for 5 continuous minutes without dying.

Achievement Stats 1.19
Executed 3 queries
767.25 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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