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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Training Day Training Day 0.84
Complete Chapter One
Field Day Field Day 1.03
Complete Chapter Two
Traveler Traveler 1.25
Complete Chapter Three
Journeyman Journeyman 1.46
Complete Chapter Four
Adventurer Adventurer 1.55
Complete Chapter Five
Gardener Gardener 1.61
Complete Chapter Six
Fisherman's Friend Fisherman's Friend 1.66
Complete Chapter Seven
Gourmet Gourmet 1.69
Complete Chapter Eight
Marksman Marksman 1.74
Complete Chapter Nine
Angel in White Angel in White 1.76
Complete Chapter Ten
Mediator Mediator 1.77
Complete Chapter Eleven
Immovable Object Immovable Object 0.78
Win a Battle Without Missing a Single Counter
No Rest for the Wicked No Rest for the Wicked 0.85
Wake up Dozing Hanabusa
Snake Eyes Snake Eyes 1.56
Win a Gamble
Cheater Cheater 1.68
Win 500 in a Single Gamble
Bone Collector Bone Collector 1.61
Free an Area from Evil Influence
Those Who Hunt Skulls Those Who Hunt Skulls 1.82
Free the World from Evil Influence
Curious Soul Curious Soul 0.95
Learn All You Can Before Setting Out
Shrine Maiden Shrine Maiden 1.75
Pay Your Respects
Wandering Monk Wandering Monk 1.76
Get to Know the Monk
Money Makes the World Go Round Money Makes the World Go Round 1.76
Get to Know the Merchant
Sore Feet Sore Feet 1.69
Travel 5000 Steps
Telepath Telepath 1.02
Identify an Enemy Without Any Hints
Apprentice Apprentice 1.36
Reach Level 10
Mercenary Mercenary 1.63
Reach Level 20
Seasoned Seasoned 1.73
Reach Level 30
Veteran Veteran 1.80
Reach Level 40
Vanguard Vanguard 1.88
Reach Level 50
Gone in Sixty Seconds Gone in Sixty Seconds 1.87
"Acquire" a Mystical Item
Woodsman Woodsman 1.34
Vanquish a Great Monster
Skeleton King Skeleton King 1.82
Vanquish all Great Monsters that Roam the Land
Merchant Merchant 1.36
Amass a Fortune of 20.000
Poster Girl Poster Girl 1.71
Amass a Fortune of 100.000
White Knight White Knight 1.73
Save a Damsel in Distress
Deva Deva 1.94
Walk a Tranquil Path
Asura Asura 1.94
Walk the Path of Asura
No Stone Unturned No Stone Unturned 1.48
Find All Stone Statues in a Single Playthrough
Die by the Sword Die by the Sword 1.46
Win 100 Battles
Librarian Librarian 1.90
Index All Tsukumogami
Blessed by Spirits Blessed by Spirits 1.92
Receive the Spirits' Blessing
Simply Ravenous Simply Ravenous 1.32
For Big Eaters
Run Girl Run Run Girl Run 1.03
Running Is a Victory
To the End! To the End! 1.79
For Those Who Reached the End
99 Spirits 99 Spirits 1.93
For Those Who Saw It All
Can Take a Hint Can Take a Hint 1.69
Maximum Utility, No Nonsense
Nerves of Steel Nerves of Steel 1.00
Defeat the First Boss Without Using Items
Tsukumogami Trainer Tsukumogami Trainer 1.50
Master a Tsukumogami
Master of Yin and Yang Master of Yin and Yang 1.88
Show Proof of Mastering the Use of Gems
Got 'ta Earn Got 'ta Earn 1.30
Sell 50 Items

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