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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Disarmed Disarmed 1.84 03/25/2015 22:26:48
Destroy 30 Revenants' weapon arms.
Unfriendly Skies Unfriendly Skies 1.82 03/24/2015 21:25:47
Shoot down 30 Afflicted in mid-jump in the main campaign.
"There's Something in Here" "There's Something in Here" 1.88 03/24/2015 10:00:36
Clear Episode Four in Invisible Mode.
I Can See Undead People I Can See Undead People 1.87 03/24/2015 09:05:03
Clear Episode Three in Invisible Mode.
Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal 1.85 03/24/2015 04:55:18
Clear Episode Three in Countdown Mode.
"You are Authorized to Panic" "You are Authorized to Panic" 1.85 03/24/2015 03:59:15
Clear Episode Four in Countdown Mode.
What You Can't See Can Kill You What You Can't See Can Kill You 1.48 03/24/2015 00:01:16
Defeat six or more Glasps in the monument in Claire's Episode Four, on Normal difficulty or higher.
Routes of Future Past Routes of Future Past 1.63 03/23/2015 22:04:23
Complete both routes through the landfill in Barry's Episode Four.
There's a Medal for That There's a Medal for That 1.83 03/23/2015 22:02:18
Get all medals in Episode Two.
Sweet, Golden Medal Sweet, Golden Medal 1.88 03/23/2015 07:28:57
Get all medals in Episode Three.
I'm Not Leaving Without My Medal I'm Not Leaving Without My Medal 1.88 03/23/2015 06:34:21
Get all medals in Episode Four.
Here's My Resignation Here's My Resignation 1.17 03/23/2015 04:34:40
Moira defeats Neil in Claire's Episode Three.
True or False True or False 1.08 03/18/2015 15:59:34
Clear Episode Four.
Conquered Fear Conquered Fear 1.05 03/12/2015 02:25:16
Clear Episode Three.
A Ripple in Time A Ripple in Time 1.12 03/11/2015 12:01:41
Obtain the item that lies beyond the gate in the sewers in Barry's Episode Three.
"That's Gonna Be Fun" "That's Gonna Be Fun" 1.84 03/07/2015 16:44:30
Clear Episode Two in Invisible Mode.
"Not Even Close to Easy" "Not Even Close to Easy" 1.72 03/07/2015 15:11:27
Clear Episode One in Invisible Mode.
"Run, Moira. Run!" "Run, Moira. Run!" 1.82 03/07/2015 10:30:15
Clear Episode Two in Countdown Mode.
"I Do Not Like Glasps," I Gasped "I Do Not Like Glasps," I Gasped 1.13 03/07/2015 10:22:27
Defeat 20 Glasps in the main campaign.
"Less Talking, More Walking" "Less Talking, More Walking" 1.69 03/07/2015 09:42:29
Clear Episode One in Countdown Mode.
Pedro, I'm Sorry... Pedro, I'm Sorry... 1.39 03/05/2015 03:57:05
Defeat Mutant Pedro in Claire's Episode Two.
Cutting Edge Cutting Edge 1.74 03/05/2015 01:48:31
Clear Episode One only using the knife.
Revenant Reaper Revenant Reaper 1.40 03/05/2015 01:44:34
Defeat 100 Revenants in the main campaign.
Scared to Death Scared to Death 1.00 03/05/2015 00:42:11
Clear Episode Two.
Only Good Guys Win Medals Only Good Guys Win Medals 1.75 03/04/2015 00:45:45
Get all medals in Episode One.
Fudge Them Up! Fudge Them Up! 1.76 03/04/2015 00:35:34
Defeat 50 enemies with physical attacks in the main campaign.
From the Shadows From the Shadows 1.19 03/04/2015 00:10:23
Defeat 20 enemies with stealth attacks in the main campaign.
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 1.09 03/03/2015 23:57:29
Get a total of 50,000 BP.
Brick Layer Brick Layer 1.66 03/03/2015 23:41:38
Defeat 20 enemies with a brick as Natalia in the main campaign.
Knifin' Around Knifin' Around 1.23 03/03/2015 23:31:10
Defeat 100 enemies with the knife in the main campaign.
Friend Indeed Friend Indeed 1.31 03/03/2015 15:46:40
Save your captured partner ten times in the main campaign.
And STAY Down And STAY Down 1.46 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Perform 50 follow-ups in the main campaign.
I Can Do Blunt Weapons I Can Do Blunt Weapons 1.44 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Use Moira's crowbar to defeat 50 enemies in the main campaign.
Flashlight Duty Flashlight Duty 1.38 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Use Moira's light to stun 50 enemies in the main campaign.
Fish in a Barrel Fish in a Barrel 1.38 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Defeat five enemies with one exploding bottle or one firebomb bottle in the main campaign.
Line 'Em Up! Line 'Em Up! 1.28 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Defeat two enemies with one shot in the main campaign.
Who Needs Fire? Who Needs Fire? 1.19 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Escape from the detention center in Claire's Episode One without using the flame-thrower bust.
I Saw, I Conquered I Saw, I Conquered 0.99 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Clear one Gauntlet in Raid Mode.
Cure for the Afflicted Cure for the Afflicted 0.92 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Defeat 100 Afflicted in the main campaign.
Three Women and a Barry Three Women and a Barry 0.80 03/03/2015 12:36:58
Clear Episode One.
Jammin' Jammin' 0.84 03/01/2015 03:12:58
Evaluate an item in Raid Mode.
Raiders of the Evil Raiders of the Evil 0.82 03/01/2015 03:11:10
Clear one Raid Mode mission.
Now That's Teamwork! Now That's Teamwork! 0.73 03/01/2015 00:10:24
Have Moira stun an enemy and Claire follow up with a physical attack in the main campaign.

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