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6.1 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Destroying the Dark Magic Destroying the Dark Magic 1.03 03/29/2017 19:28:00
Collect 50% of the Dark Magic.
Mutant Buffalo Mutant Buffalo 1.04 03/29/2017 02:05:00
Obtain Manly Musk.
Gotta Get 'Em All Gotta Get 'Em All 1.02 03/22/2017 00:45:00
Collect 50% of the Heart Squids.
It belongs in a museum! It belongs in a museum! 1.02 03/22/2017 00:45:00
Obtain the Fossil.
Ready for anything! Ready for anything! 1.00 03/22/2017 00:28:00
Defeat 50 enemies using Pirate Weapons.
The fun part! The fun part! 0.97 03/18/2017 20:00:00
Obtain the Golden Pickaxe.
Avoided a Curse… Avoided a Curse… 0.95 03/18/2017 19:39:00
Obtain all three Mummy Sketches.
Pest Control Pest Control 0.94 03/18/2017 18:16:00
Destroy 10 Spider Eggs before they hatch.
Eww! Eew! Eew! Eww! Eew! Eew! 0.88 03/18/2017 01:16:00
Obtain Squid Oil.
Special Weaponry Special Weaponry 0.84 03/17/2017 20:55:00
Defeat 250 enemies using Shantae's Monster Whipper!
Smells like victory! Smells like victory! 0.82 03/16/2017 18:59:00
Release the Ham Stink.
Risky's Business Risky's Business 0.96 03/16/2017 14:13:00
Use a Pirate Flare to return to Risky's ship.
Ret-2-go! Ret-2-go! 0.64 03/16/2017 12:21:00
Defeated the Ammo Baron.
Graet Jobb Graet Jobb 1.05
Defeated Dagron.
Ten-tickles Ten-tickles 0.99
Defeated the Squid Baron.
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia 0.92
Defeated the Empress Spider.
Green Thumb Green Thumb 0.85
Defeated the Cyclops Plant.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Collect the Enchanted Blade.
Comfort and Convenience Comfort and Convenience 1.08
Obtain the Spirit from Abner.
Fool me once… Fool me once… 1.58
Play keep away with the Ammo Baron.
It ain't not gonna miss. It ain't not gonna miss. 1.08
Help Ammo Baron fire the Palace Disruptor Cannon.
From my hair to his derriere! From my hair to his derriere! 1.43
Defeated the Ammo Baron without taking any damage.
Master Gardener Master Gardener 1.68
Defeated the Cyclops Plant without taking damage.
Squashed Spider Squashed Spider 1.69
Defeated the Empress Spider without taking damage.
Calamari Connoisseur Calamari Connoisseur 1.73
Defeated the Squid Baron without taking damage.
Prefectionist Prefectionist 1.74
Defeated Dagron without taking damage.
Hunk of Junk Hunk of Junk 1.09
Defeated the Steel Maggot.
Scrap Metal Scrap Metal 1.71
Defeated the Steel Maggot without taking damage.
Vanished into the eternal abyss… Vanished into the eternal abyss… 1.11
Defeated the Pirate Master.
Nothing but a shade… Nothing but a shade… 1.65
Defeated the Pirate Master without taking damage.
Speed Runner Speed Runner 1.91
Saved Scuttle Town as fast as possible!
Guardian Genie Guardian Genie 1.20
Defeat the Pirate Master's true form.
Purple Haired Warrior Maiden Purple Haired Warrior Maiden 1.94
Defeat the Pirate Master's true form and save Scuttle Town in record time!
Half-Genie Hero Half-Genie Hero 1.87
Defeated the Pirate Master's true form without taking any damage.
Squid Savior Squid Savior 1.77
Complete the game without any Health upgrades and all Heart Squids collected.
Collect all Heart Squids.
Prepared for Battle Prepared for Battle 1.18
Collect all of the Dark Magic.
Zombie Survival Guide Zombie Survival Guide 1.65
Get Rottytops to Abner Tree without making any mistakes in a single attempt.
Nostalgia Trip Nostalgia Trip 1.37
Discover the secret Labyrinth.
Skilled Survivor Skilled Survivor 1.35
Complete the hidden training room.
On the map! On the map! 1.27
Collect all Labyrinth maps.
Broken Bones Broken Bones 1.47
Destroy 20 bones with the Bubble Shield.
What an eyesore... What an eyesore... 1.64
Defeated the Cyclops Plant using only Pike Balls.
Tasty Treats Tasty Treats 1.11
Sample the entire menu!

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