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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
FINAL FANTASY VI Master FINAL FANTASY VI Master 1.57 03/08/2019 21:33:00
You unlocked all achievements.
King of the Beasts King of the Beasts 1.51 03/08/2019 21:32:59
You learned all of Gau's "Rage" commands.
Testament Testament 1.49 03/08/2019 20:49:22
You completed the Soul Shrine.
Congratulations! Congratulations! 1.48 03/07/2019 12:01:56
You defeated Omega Weapon.
The Road to Esper World The Road to Esper World 1.42 03/06/2019 21:48:09
You collected all the Magicite.
Master of Dragons Master of Dragons 1.41 03/06/2019 21:48:08
You completed the Dragons' Den.
Balance Is Restored Balance Is Restored 1.17 03/01/2019 12:16:52
You finished the game.
An Uncommon Wizard An Uncommon Wizard 1.45 03/01/2019 07:47:43
You learned all of Strago's "Lore" commands.
A Chance in a Pinch A Chance in a Pinch 1.49 02/27/2019 08:29:57
You discovered all of the hidden "Blitz" commands.
Wandering Gambler Wandering Gambler 1.32 02/27/2019 07:40:26
You matched all the symbols on Setzer's "Slots."
Road to Carnage Road to Carnage 1.21 02/26/2019 20:38:53
You had all of Shadow's dreams.
Hang on, Old Man! Hang on, Old Man! 1.16 02/25/2019 20:45:49
You brought all the characters together.
More Than King More Than King 1.07 02/25/2019 20:45:43
You found and befriended Locke.
In the Belly of the Beast In the Belly of the Beast 1.09 02/25/2019 19:53:13
You found and befriended Gogo.
Sword Master Sword Master 1.12 02/24/2019 20:34:29
You learned all of Cyan's "Bushido" commands.
Fun to Save, Fun to Use Fun to Save, Fun to Use 1.19 02/24/2019 12:17:12
You accumulated over 1 million gil.
Portrait Time! Portrait Time! 1.06 02/23/2019 11:51:00
You found and befriended Relm.
Mech Mania Mech Mania 1.22 02/19/2019 20:40:29
You got all of Edgar's Tools.
Bone Carver Bone Carver 1.08 02/19/2019 20:31:41
You found and befriended Umaro.
Fast Friends, Kupo! Fast Friends, Kupo! 1.06 02/19/2019 11:38:33
You found and befriended Mog.
Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here 1.17 02/18/2019 21:48:29
You defeated Deathgaze.
Masterful Mastership! Masterful Mastership! 1.15 02/18/2019 20:12:51
You learned all of Sabin's "Blitz" commands.
Quintessential Adventurer Quintessential Adventurer 1.03 02/16/2019 21:34:28
You opened more than 80% of all treasure chests.
Gateway to the Top Gateway to the Top 1.28 02/16/2019 21:21:58
You racked up 10 wins at the Coliseum.
Washed Up on Solitary Island Washed Up on Solitary Island 0.98 02/14/2019 20:12:23
You witnessed the World of Ruin event.
Enough Already! Enough Already! 0.96 02/13/2019 11:58:15
You continued to defeat Ultros to the bitter end.
Terra's Truth Terra's Truth 0.87 02/08/2019 21:53:04
You discovered the truth about Terra and her hidden power.
Customer Appreciation Customer Appreciation 0.37 01/31/2019 11:37:13
Thank you for purchasing the game!

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