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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Starry Eyed Starry Eyed 1.14
Earn four stars across any mission (any difficulty).
Collector Collector 1.81
Create a squad for each faction (SEALs, Rangers, SF, and JTF2).
Around the World Around the World 1.11
Successfully complete every mission (Kabul, Turkey, and South China Sea – any difficulty).
Area Cleared Area Cleared 0.69
Clear a single location.
Star Player Star Player 0.65
Earn four stars across every mission (Kabul, Turkey, and South China Sea – any difficulty).
All the Medals All the Medals 1.85
Earn four stars across every mission on every difficulty (Kabul, Turkey, and South China Sea).
Learned Learned 0.83
Use any tactic.
Boom Goes the Dynamite Boom Goes the Dynamite 0.80
Use a grenade.
Travel Bug Travel Bug 1.06
Visit Kabul, Turkey, and the South China Sea.
Locksmith Locksmith 1.58
Use each breach type once.
Three's Company Three's Company 0.72
Defeat three enemies in one turn.
Four's a Crowd Four's a Crowd 0.80
Defeat four enemies in one turn.
Five's Luck Five's Luck 0.91
Defeat five enemies in one turn.
Six's Impossible Six's Impossible 1.02
Defeat six enemies in one turn.
Thanks, Bro! Thanks, Bro! 0.69
Score an assist by having two soldiers target the same enemy.
Perfection Perfection 1.91
Take no damage during a mission with 10 or more enemies.
Getting the Hang of It Getting the Hang of It 1.10
Take no damage during a mission.
Why Even Breach? Why Even Breach? 1.65
Perform an explosive breach that kills two enemies.
Made It Made It 1.69
Have a single teammate complete a location with low health.
Rank Up Rank Up 1.26
Level a soldier up to level 15.
Intelligent Intelligent 2.21
Level an Intelligence Specialist to level 30.
Quartermaster Quartermaster 2.20
Level a Weapons Sergeant to level 30.
Lead the Team Lead the Team 2.20
Level a Fireteam Leader to level 30.
Fireworks Fireworks 2.18
Level a Breacher to level 30.
Patch Adams Patch Adams 2.20
Level a Medic to level 30.
Quick to the Draw Quick to the Draw 2.32
Level a Direct Action Specialist to level 30.
Explosions! Explosions! 2.21
Defeat 100 enemies with grenades.
Stunning Stunning 1.62
Stun 100 enemies with flashbangs or breach charges.
Shoot 'em Up Shoot 'em Up 1.04
Defeat 100 enemies.
Reaper Reaper 1.38
Defeat 500 enemies.
Hardcore Hardcore 1.71
Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Elite Elite 2.51
Defeat 5,000 enemies.
Serious Serious 2.65
Defeat 10,000 enemies.
Rising Rising 2.74
Defeat 53,594 enemies.
Well-traveled Well-traveled 1.79
Clear 100 locations.
Global Global 2.62
Clear 500 locations.
Seasoned Seasoned 2.67
Clear 1,000 locations.
Bite the Hand that Feeds Bite the Hand that Feeds 1.87
Have a bullet hit the CEO portrait in Kabul.
Like a Boss Like a Boss 1.45
Completely clear a location in five seconds or less.
I Call Shotgun I Call Shotgun 1.66
Defeat 50 enemies with shotguns.
This is my Boomstick This is my Boomstick 1.84
Defeat 100 enemies with shotguns.
Terminated Terminated 2.23
Defeat 250 enemies with shotguns.
Experienced Experienced 1.85
Earn a total of 550 stars.
Veteran Veteran 2.03
Earn a total of 800 stars.
Star Breacher Star Breacher 2.42
Earn a total of 1400 stars.
Impeccable Impeccable 2.50
Earn a total of 1700 stars.
Red One/Blue One Red One/Blue One 2.39
Defuse 100 bombs.
Set Up Us The Bomb Set Up Us The Bomb 2.62
Defuse 250 bombs.
Hunter Hunter 1.63
Complete all Terrorist Hunt missions on medium difficulty or higher.
Hurt Locker Hurt Locker 2.05
Complete all Bomb Defusal missions on medium difficulty or higher.
A Plan Comes Together A Plan Comes Together 2.00
Complete all Escape Plan missions on medium difficulty or higher.
Untouchable Untouchable 2.47
Complete 15 missions on medium difficulty or higher without taking damage.

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