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33.3 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Filling the Trophy Case Filling the Trophy Case 1.87 10/22/2016 12:39:00
Earn every medal type in Arcade Mode in one run
Arcade Stockpile Arcade Stockpile 1.38 10/22/2016 09:11:00
Collect 20 bonus lives or relics in Arcade Mode
Go for the Gold Go for the Gold 1.45 10/21/2016 14:30:00
Earn a gold rating in Arcade Mode
A Toe into Madness A Toe into Madness 1.15 05/16/2016 22:43:00
Complete The UAC on Ultra-Nightmare
Every Nook and Cranny Every Nook and Cranny 1.05 05/16/2016 22:23:00
Find all Collectibles
Knee-Deep in the Dead Knee-Deep in the Dead 0.43 05/16/2016 22:23:00
Complete the campaign on 'I'm Too Young to Die', 'Hurt Me Plenty', 'Ultra Violence', or 'Nightmare'.
What Else Ya Got? What Else Ya Got? 1.17 05/16/2016 22:17:00
Complete all Mission Challenges
IDDQD IDDQD 1.12 05/16/2016 21:40:00
Upgrade all Runes
IDKFA IDKFA 1.15 05/16/2016 21:37:00
Earn the Masteries for all weapon mods
Historian Historian 1.05 05/16/2016 21:18:00
Find all Data Logs
Overclocked Overclocked 0.94 05/16/2016 21:15:00
Fully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories on a single campaign run.
Hot Swapper Hot Swapper 0.72 05/16/2016 19:54:00
Acquire all weapon mods
Timing is Everything Timing is Everything 0.56 05/16/2016 19:35:00
Use explosive barrels to kill 100 enemies
Argent Fiend Argent Fiend 0.69 05/16/2016 19:20:00
Fully upgrade Health, Armor, and Ammo capacity on a single campaign run.
Up Close and Personal Up Close and Personal 0.66 05/16/2016 17:15:00
Kill 50 enemies using the Chainsaw
The Circle is Complete The Circle is Complete 0.87 05/16/2016 15:15:00
Earn all Runes
Juicin' it up Juicin' it up 0.43 05/16/2016 13:19:00
Kill 150 enemies while using Power Ups
Shareware Shareware 1.24 05/16/2016 12:25:00
Create and publish a SnapMap
Entryway Entryway 1.24 05/16/2016 12:18:00
Complete the SnapMap Basic and Advanced Tutorials
No Rest for the Living No Rest for the Living 0.95 05/16/2016 11:33:00
Play 5 published SnapMaps
IPXSETUP.EXE IPXSETUP.EXE 0.54 05/16/2016 10:57:00
Win a Multiplayer match
Combat tested, Doomguy approved Combat tested, Doomguy approved 0.64 05/16/2016 10:43:00
Reach Level 5 in Multiplayer
Rip and Tear Rip and Tear 0.31 05/15/2016 17:10:00
Glory Kill all common enemy types in the campaign.
Argent Overload Argent Overload 0.34 05/14/2016 20:48:00
Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo capacity
Momentum Shift Momentum Shift 0.28 05/14/2016 19:10:00
Upgrade a Rune
Specialist Specialist 0.34 05/14/2016 16:20:00
Earn the Mastery for a weapon mod
A Gift from Beyond A Gift from Beyond 0.21 05/14/2016 16:16:00
Earn a Rune
Tinkering Tinkering 0.30 05/14/2016 15:39:00
Fully upgrade a Praetor Suit category.
Butcher Butcher 0.19 05/14/2016 15:02:00
Perform 200 Glory Kills
Thorough Shopper Thorough Shopper 0.36 05/14/2016 12:53:00
Complete all Challenges for a single mission.
E1M1 E1M1 0.09 05/14/2016 11:20:00
Complete the first mission of the campaign
Who's Next? Who's Next? 0.43
Defeat the Spider Mastermind
Outnumbered? No Problem Outnumbered? No Problem 0.40
Defeat the Hell Guards
Shoot it Until it Dies Shoot it Until it Dies 0.37
Defeat the Cyberdemon
An Old Friend An Old Friend 0.34
Acquire the BFG
Into the Unknown Into the Unknown 0.26
Warp to Hell

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
On Track On Track 1.86
Complete a tracked challenge in a Multiplayer Match
A Memorable Performance A Memorable Performance 1.64
Earn a Gold Rating in a Multiplayer Match
Slotted for Success Slotted for Success 1.88
Unlock all Multiplayer Runes

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