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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
It's Never Over It's Never Over 1.56 04/22/2017 14:53:58
Mountain thinks it is invincible
Getting Used to This Getting Used to This 1.58 04/22/2017 01:30:09
Mountain goes on dying
Turn the Other Peak Turn the Other Peak 1.45 04/22/2017 01:06:38
Mountain dies several times
The Days Keep Coming... The Days Keep Coming... 1.21 04/22/2017 00:14:18
Mountain watches the days go by
I Must Go On I Must Go On 1.39 04/21/2017 23:56:01
Mountain keeps surviving death
I Look Beautiful I Look Beautiful 1.38 04/21/2017 23:47:15
Mountain keeps organizing itself
Welcome, Welcome Welcome, Welcome 1.02 04/21/2017 23:30:14
Mountain is home to many things
This Is Me! This Is Me! 1.03 04/21/2017 22:43:37
Mountain has a lot of alone time
Am I Interesting? Am I Interesting? 0.93 04/21/2017 22:30:46
Mountain is alive for a short time
Who's Doing This? Who's Doing This? 0.92 04/21/2017 22:01:38
Mountain has some alone time
I am Music! I am Music! 1.09 04/21/2017 21:37:52
Mountain plays a lot of music
I Must Dry Off I Must Dry Off 1.07 04/21/2017 21:28:33
Mountain makes it unrain
Ok, Fine Ok, Fine 1.07 04/21/2017 21:24:37
Mountain no longer trusts the weather
Is This Cheating? Is This Cheating? 1.02 04/21/2017 21:23:47
Mountain cannot predict the weather
Is This Normal? Is This Normal? 0.96 04/21/2017 21:21:50
Mountain has unusual weather
Not Done Yet Not Done Yet 1.08 04/21/2017 21:21:05
Mountain survives death
I'm A Musician? I'm A Musician? 0.83 04/21/2017 21:19:54
Mountain plays music
It Happens It Happens 1.06 04/21/2017 21:18:04
Mountain experiences death
I'm Thinking I'm Thinking 0.88 04/21/2017 21:15:12
Mountain thinks
Am I Being Organized? Am I Being Organized? 1.04 04/21/2017 21:09:08
Mountain organizes itself
I Can Sing! I Can Sing! 0.94 04/21/2017 21:07:38
Mountain sings
Hello There Hello There 0.84 04/21/2017 21:07:27
Mountain is home to something new

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
I'm a Living Target I'm a Living Target 1.49
Mountain is bombarded by things
I'm Still Here I'm Still Here 1.48
Mountain sees it all come and go
Ouch! Ouch! 1.52
Mountain experiences pain
At least I know I'm alive At least I know I'm alive 1.76
Mountain experiences a lot of pain
I Can't Stop Thinking I Can't Stop Thinking 1.37
Mountain thinks quite a lot
These Thoughts Never End These Thoughts Never End 1.53
Mountain cannot stop thinking
Mountain lives for a long time
Mountain lives forever
I Love To Sing! I Love To Sing! 1.25
Mountain sings quite a lot

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