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15.3 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Headshot! Headshot! 1.15 07/02/2011 20:09:12
Hit only zombies, and at least five of them, in the Carnival minigame
You Perv! You Perv! 1.07 07/02/2011 20:05:49
Hit only elves, and at least five of them, in the Carnival minigame
Pole Dancer Pole Dancer 1.12 07/02/2011 20:01:29
Hit only poles with all axes in the Carnival minigame
Try Again Try Again 1.05 07/02/2011 20:01:29
Miss with every axe in the Carnival minigame
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0.97 07/02/2011 19:59:03
Hit a target with every single axe in the Carnival minigame
Gold Axe Gold Axe 1.07 07/02/2011 19:58:21
Score at least 2500 points in the Carnival minigame
Silver Axe Silver Axe 0.94 07/02/2011 19:43:18
Score at least 1000 points in the Carnival minigame
Bronze Axe Bronze Axe 0.90 07/02/2011 19:36:40
Score at least 500 points in the Carnival minigame
Stupid Achievement Stupid Achievement 0.84 07/02/2011 19:35:52
Play the Carnival minigame
Micro Master Micro Master 1.56 06/17/2011 16:09:13
Use Instant Seal on 10 Water- or Lava Caves!
Untimely Death Untimely Death 1.28 06/17/2011 15:25:33
Manage to die in an arcade game in less than fifteen seconds!
Cave Crasher Cave Crasher 1.69 06/15/2011 16:13:52
Open 2000 Caves in Arcade Mode
The Rock The Rock 1.63 06/11/2011 23:30:56
Get a score over 500 000 in Hard Arcade Mode!
Hole In One Hole In One 1.18 05/27/2011 04:19:50
Kill a Goblin by luring him down a hole
In The Business In The Business 1.27 05/16/2011 18:59:12
Have 10 Outposts with Taverns in Arcade Mode
Eeeh?! Iisi Moodo?! Eeeh?! Iisi Moodo?! 1.09 05/15/2011 20:22:49
Get a score over 500 000 in Easy Arcade Mode!
Like Bunnies Like Bunnies 1.36 05/15/2011 18:20:27
Have 2500 Diggers in all games total
Slayer of Kings Slayer of Kings 1.33 05/12/2011 04:16:42
You've slain 30 Bosses
Beard for Business Beard for Business 1.08 05/12/2011 02:25:35
Dig through a total of 1000 mineral squares in Arcade Mode.
For The Hoard For The Hoard 1.02 05/09/2011 19:28:36
Have 25000 gold coins in Arcade Mode!
Hip to be Square Hip to be Square 1.15 05/08/2011 16:49:58
Get a score over 500 000 in Normal Arcade Mode!
War Is On War Is On 0.96 05/08/2011 16:45:08
Have 25 Warriors at the same time in Arcade Mode
Diggy Kong Diggy Kong 0.93 05/08/2011 16:44:47
Dig through a total of 25000 squares in Arcade Mode.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
The Thickest Beard The Thickest Beard 1.71
Get a score over 500 000 in Tedi Hardcore Arcade Mode!
Way of the Pick Way of the Pick 1.37
Level a Digger Dwarf to Level 15!
Way of the Axe Way of the Axe 1.34
Level a Warrior Dwarf to Level 15!
Pro Arcader Pro Arcader 1.43
Survive a 60-minute Arcade Game on Normal Mode
King of the Caves King of the Caves 1.61
Get awarded with Two Axes on every single Challenge
Not A War hammer Not A War hammer 1.28
Get a cumulative total of 40k gold

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