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1.5 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Creativity Itself Creativity Itself 2.30
Find all artifacts
There is so Much to Explore There is so Much to Explore 1.76
Collect your first artifact
Serious Cube Blaster Serious Cube Blaster 2.21
Collect 1000 blastpoints
King of Cubes King of Cubes 2.30
Collect 10000 blastpoints
God of Cubes God of Cubes 2.30
Collect 50000 blastpoints
One of Many One of Many 2.30
Die 1000 times
You Only Had One Job You Only Had One Job 1.95
Die in the first level
One for the Record One for the Record 1.37
Finish level one
Community Contributor Community Contributor 2.21
Upload a level to the community
I am Number One I am Number One 2.30
Achieve the #1 highscore on a popular level, that has at least 10 high scores
There can Only be One Winner There can Only be One Winner 2.30
Defeat your opponent in versus
You've got an Opinion You've got an Opinion 2.30
Rate at least 50 different community levels
You Jealous? You Jealous? 2.00
Watch a replay of someone else
Movie Night Movie Night 2.21
Watch 100 replays of other people
Found Yourself a Friend Found Yourself a Friend 2.30
Finish co-op stage one
Through Thick and Thin Through Thick and Thin 2.30
Finish co-op stage two
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever 2.30
Finish co-op stage three
Inception Inception 1.58
Finish the first stage
Expansion Expansion 2.00
Finish stage two
Gaining Momentum Gaining Momentum 2.30
Finish stage three
Accumulating Energy Accumulating Energy 2.30
Finish stage four
Floating in Space Floating in Space 2.30
Finish stage five
Pendency Pendency 2.30
Finish stage six
Disintegration Disintegration 2.30
Finish stage seven
Core Exposure Core Exposure 2.30
Finish stage eight
Nine Lives Nine Lives 2.30
Finish stage nine
Cycle Completion Cycle Completion 2.30
Finish stage ten
Facing Your Enemies Facing Your Enemies 2.30
Finish versus stage one
Heat of the Battle Heat of the Battle 2.30
Finish versus stage two
Finish Him Finish Him 2.30
Finish versus stage three
Sharing the Love Sharing the Love 2.21
Have one of your levels favorited
Loved by All Loved by All 2.30
Have your levels favorited over 10 times
Community Novice Community Novice 2.21
Have one of your levels liked
Community God Community God 2.30
Have your levels liked over 50 times
You've Been Seen You've Been Seen 2.21
Have someone play your level
Community Builder Community Builder 2.30
Get your levels played for over 100 times
You are the Community. You are the Community. 2.30
Use up all your slots by uploading levels to unlock this achievement.

Achievement Stats 1.19
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714.23 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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