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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
And It Starts! And It Starts! 0.66
Complete the first tutorial (1/3).
You Can Do It! You Can Do It! 0.75
Complete the second tutorial (2/3).
The Strategist The Strategist 0.87
Complete the third tutorial (3/3).
The Trapper The Trapper 0.73
Kill a Wolf using only your traps.
Thick Skin Thick Skin 1.42
Survive a night without taking any damage (after December 6th).
Hear Something? Hear Something? 0.95
Kill a Grand Wolf using only your traps.
Werewolf Hunter Werewolf Hunter 0.92
Kill a Werewolf using only your traps.
Jos Montferrand Jos Montferrand 1.55
Kill a Grand Werewolf using one of your traps.
Amen! Amen! 1.69
Give the killing blow to a Grand Werewolf with a holy bullet.
Built to Last Built to Last 1.12
Survive a night with at least 3 buildings still full health.
Look Out Below! Look Out Below! 1.38
Inflict damage to 5 enemies with a single Spike Trap.
Innu Wisdom Innu Wisdom 1.41
Kill a Maikan Warrior using only your traps.
Alexis Trotteur Alexis Trotteur 1.47
Save Adèle or the Hermit before half the timer runs out.
Can't Touch This! Can't Touch This! 1.26
Survive a night with at least 4 buildings still full health.
The Sniper The Sniper 1.71
Get a head shot from on top of a Watchtower.
Pieces Everywhere Pieces Everywhere 1.84
Inflict damage to 8 enemies with a single Explosive Barrel.
The Exorcist The Exorcist 1.56
Kill a Will O' the Wisp using only your traps.
What Magic? What Magic? 1.48
Kill a Maikan Shaman using only your traps.
Quick Draw Quick Draw 1.87
Reload your rifle in less than 3 seconds.
Fur Fire! Fur Fire! 1.48
Inflict damage to an enemy with a Fire Wall.
Breaking the Bank Breaking the Bank 1.67
Save up 15 dollars.
Jack Fiddler Jack Fiddler 1.67
Kill a Windigo using only your traps.
Boo! Boo! 1.79
Intimidate a Windigo for at least 5 seconds.
Food Poisoning Food Poisoning 1.76
Inflict damage to 6 enemies with a single Poisonous Bait.
Landslide Landslide 1.81
Crush 7 enemies under a single Hanging Net Trap.
Ward of Wolvesvale Ward of Wolvesvale 1.67
Survive a night with all 5 buildings still full health.
The Duel The Duel 1.74
Use only silver weapons to kill a Windigo.
Impaler Impaler 1.94
Inflict damage to 3 enemies with a single Ballista.
FORE! FORE! 1.93
Inflict damage to 7 enemies with a single Mortar.
I'll Save You! I'll Save You! 1.97
Save your brother's soul without hurting the host body.
Cold Blooded Cold Blooded 1.94
Intimidate the Invisible Beast for at least 5 seconds.
Jos to the Rescue! Jos to the Rescue! 1.76
Save Joséphine with Joseph O'Carroll.
My Jacky-boy! My Jacky-boy! 1.95
Save Joséphine with Jacques O'Carroll.

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