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Current best achievements of [CoJ]Shane

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Sometimes the BAR Gets You Sometimes the BAR Gets You 1.26 04/10/2009 06:58:43
Get 500 kills with the BAR
Storm of the Century Storm of the Century 1.24 05/30/2010 06:46:20
Get 500 kills with the MP44
Squaddie Squaddie 1.23 04/10/2009 07:51:43
Get 1000 kills as the Support player class
Heading to the Surface Heading to the Surface 1.11 11/25/2013 20:47:51
Headed to the surface on the side of Sinclair's escape pod.
Escape Escape 1.11 11/25/2013 20:49:57
Escaped Rapture.
Found Lamb's Hideout Found Lamb's Hideout 1.10 11/25/2013 01:11:54
Gained access to Lamb's stronghold.
Reunion Reunion 1.10 11/25/2013 01:30:47
Reunited with your original Little Sister.
Nose for News Nose for News 1.06 11/23/2013 04:49:45
Uncovered the secret of Dionysus Park.
Warlord Warlord 1.05 04/12/2009 07:41:29
Win 100 rounds
Defeated the Preacher Defeated the Preacher 1.05 11/23/2013 03:45:39
Defeated the Preacher.
Big Spender Big Spender 1.04 11/23/2013 04:14:17
Spent 2000 dollars at Vending Machines.
Confronted Grace Confronted Grace 1.01 11/16/2013 23:39:20
Confronted Lamb's lieutenant in Pauper's Drop.
The lives of others The lives of others 1.00 07/04/2016 09:23:49
Collect all letters
Unbreakable Unbreakable 0.99 11/11/2013 05:36:09
Defended yourself against the Big Sister without dying.
Bought a Slot Bought a Slot 0.98 11/25/2013 01:30:47
Bought one Plasmid or Tonic Slot at a Gatherer's Garden.
First Research First Research 0.98 11/16/2013 23:23:39
Researched a Splicer with the Research Camera.
Kilroy Was Here Kilroy Was Here 0.97
Score 8 machinegun kills from a single deployed position
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker 0.96 08/23/2015 22:49:00
Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart.
Prolific Hacker Prolific Hacker 0.96 11/11/2013 05:26:07
Hacked one of each kind of machine.
Skeet Shoot Skeet Shoot 0.96 08/23/2015 00:18:00
Killed 5 enemies while they are falling.
Sinclair's Solution Sinclair's Solution 0.94 11/11/2013 05:38:36
Joined forces with Sinclair in Ryan Amusements.
Adopted a Little Sister Adopted a Little Sister 0.91 11/10/2013 22:19:19
Adopted a new Little Sister for the first time.
Upgraded a Weapon Upgraded a Weapon 0.89 08/10/2015 22:11:00
Upgraded a weapon at a Power to the People Station.
Protector Protector 0.88 11/10/2013 22:06:16
Defended yourself against Lamb's assault in the train station.
Counter-Sniper Counter-Sniper 0.87 07/07/2014 22:02:02
Kill all of the snipers in City 17.
On the Warpath On the Warpath 0.85
Score 100 Flag Captures
Trophy Collector Trophy Collector 0.85
Score 5 or more kills in a single life using scavenged enemy weapons
Payback Payback 0.84
Kill a Hunter with its own flechettes.
Distance Hacker Distance Hacker 0.79 11/10/2013 21:47:53
Used the Hack Tool to hack an object at a distance.
Daddy's Home Daddy's Home 0.79 11/10/2013 21:45:23
Found your way back into the ruins of Rapture.
Don't Tread on Me Don't Tread on Me 0.75 04/10/2009 07:51:43
Block a Flag Capture that would have won the round for the enemy team
Gift Grab Gift Grab 0.74 02/01/2015 02:48:12
Collect three gifts dropped by opponents.
Strange Bedfellows Strange Bedfellows 0.72 11/25/2013 21:19:28
Killed 20 enemies using allies brought in through a Tear.
Hardened Hardened 0.70 07/04/2016 09:33:19
Unlock demolition perk 8
Seasoned to Taste Seasoned to Taste 0.67 07/20/2013 23:23:20
Killed 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun.
Don't Bring a Gun Don't Bring a Gun 0.67
Win a knife fight
More for Your Money More for Your Money 0.66 08/23/2015 00:57:00
Lured 3 enemies into a single Vigor trap 5 times.
Here Little Piggy Here Little Piggy 0.66 07/19/2013 08:19:00
Killed 30 enemies with the Founder Pig Volley Gun or Vox Hail Fire.
Industrial Accident Industrial Accident 0.66 08/23/2015 00:22:00
Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Hook Execution.
All that glitters All that glitters 0.64 07/02/2016 05:55:53
Collect 25 gold items
Singularity Collapse Singularity Collapse 0.63 07/11/2014 21:50:50
Destroy the Citadel's reactor core.
Giant Killer Giant Killer 0.63 07/08/2014 23:10:20
Survive the rooftop strider battle in the ruins of City 17.
One Man Army One Man Army 0.62 06/29/2014 08:45:32
Destroy six gunships in Half-Life 2.
Fight the Power Fight the Power 0.62 07/08/2014 19:16:18
Shut down the supression device by disabling its generators.
The Nuclear Option The Nuclear Option 0.61
Complete "The Nuclear Option"
AWOL AWOL 0.60 04/10/2009 06:58:43
Play on 5 non-official Day of Defeat Source maps
Plaza Defender Plaza Defender 0.60 07/06/2014 22:05:46
Survive the generator plaza standoff in chapter Anticitizen One.
World Traveler World Traveler 0.60
Play a complete game on 2Fort, Dustbowl, Granary, Gravel Pit, Hydro, and Well (CP).
Radiation Levels Detected Radiation Levels Detected 0.59 07/06/2014 21:23:36
Get through the toxic tunnel under City 17 in Half-Life 2.
Warden Freeman Warden Freeman 0.59 06/30/2014 00:50:14
Survive the second turret standoff in Nova Prospekt.
Follow Freeman Follow Freeman 0.58 07/03/2014 02:12:22
Gain command of a squad of rebels in the uprising.
Aerial Assassin Aerial Assassin 0.58 11/27/2013 23:11:59
Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Line Strike.
Hazard Pay Hazard Pay 0.58 07/21/2013 00:32:07
Killed 10 enemies by utilizing environmental hazards.
Cache Checker Cache Checker 0.57
Find every radar cache in chapter Under The Radar.
Bug Hunt Bug Hunt 0.57 06/29/2014 08:41:03
Use the antlions to kill 50 enemies.
Relentless Offense Relentless Offense 0.57
Win Hydro without giving up a capture.
Passionately Reciprocated Passionately Reciprocated 0.57 11/12/2013 02:23:53
Killed 150 enemies with the Founder Triple R Machine Gun or Vox Repeater.
Beachhead Beachhead 0.55
Capture the final flag to win a round
Master of Pyrotechnics Master of Pyrotechnics 0.54 07/13/2013 22:30:26
Killed 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG.
Endurance I Endurance I 0.54 07/04/2016 08:20:26
Unlock assault perk 2
Defiant Defiant 0.52 04/09/2014 06:50:25
Hit the trashcan cop with the can.
Defense of the Armament Defense of the Armament 0.52
Save the missile silo from the Combine offensive.
Where Cubbage Fears to Tread Where Cubbage Fears to Tread 0.51 06/16/2014 07:27:03
Defend Little Odessa from the gunship attack.
Loose Cannon Loose Cannon 0.51 08/23/2015 05:53:00
Killed 25 enemies with the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon.
Gordon Propelled Rocket Gordon Propelled Rocket 0.51
Unlock the rocket launcher lambda cache in chapter Under The Radar.
Behind the Wheel Behind the Wheel 0.50 08/22/2016 21:20:00
Find yourself a vehicle.
Hallowed Ground Hallowed Ground 0.50 06/15/2014 07:43:29
Escort Gregori safely through the church cemetery.
Dual-wield expert Dual-wield expert 0.49 03/12/2015 00:21:22
Unlock assault perk 8
Welcome to PEI Welcome to PEI 0.49 08/22/2016 21:18:00
Find your way to Prince Edward Island.
Street Sweeper Street Sweeper 0.48 07/13/2013 22:30:26
Killed 50 enemies with the Founder China Broom Shotgun or Vox Heater.
Prepared for the Future Prepared for the Future 0.48
Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth
Secondary Silo Secured Secondary Silo Secured 0.48
Secure the launch doors on missile silo 2.
Deadly Harvest Deadly Harvest 0.47
Kill an enemy by planting a hopper mine.
Barnacle Bowling Barnacle Bowling 0.47 04/18/2014 08:09:37
Kill five barnacles with one barrel.
Quiet Mountain Getaway Quiet Mountain Getaway 0.47
Survive the ambush at White Forest Inn.
Gunishment! Gunishment! 0.46
Destroy the Combine Autogun in the junkyard.
Costume Contest Costume Contest 0.46
Kill a Spy disguised as your current class.
Lightning Offense Lightning Offense 0.46
Win Well in 5 minutes or less.
Meet the Hunters Meet the Hunters 0.46
Survive the Hunter ambush with Alyx.
Zero-Point Energy Zero-Point Energy 0.45 05/18/2014 03:06:31
Get the Gravity Gun in Black Mesa East.
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter 0.45 11/25/2013 21:23:01
Killed 100 enemies with the Founder Huntsman Carbine or Vox Burstgun.
Grenade pouch + Grenade pouch + 0.45 03/13/2015 03:43:41
Unlock demolition perk 2
Twofer Twofer 0.44
Defeat both antlion guards outside the White Forest.
Revenge! Revenge! 0.44 05/18/2014 02:45:33
Destroy the hunter-chopper in Half-Life 2.
Baptism by Fire Baptism by Fire 0.44
Force 10 burning enemies to jump into water.
Saw the Elephant Saw the Elephant 0.42 07/21/2013 00:51:44
Completed the game on Normal difficulty or above.
Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons 0.42 05/18/2014 02:21:12
Get the airboat's mounted gun.
Wyatt saved Wyatt saved 0.42 05/25/2015 03:35:51
Choose to save Wyatt
Grand Largesse Grand Largesse 0.42 07/13/2013 23:19:12
Spent $10,000 at the vending machines of Columbia.
Into the Breach Into the Breach 0.41
Help Griggs and Sheckley hold off the antlion invasion inside the mine shaft.
On a Clear Day... On a Clear Day... 0.41 07/11/2013 08:11:17
Killed 30 enemies with the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle.
Kitted Out Kitted Out 0.40 07/13/2013 22:53:00
Fully upgraded one weapon and one Vigor.
Lovable Lovable 0.39
Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
Tradecraft Tradecraft 0.39
Join the Railroad
Acid Reflex Acid Reflex 0.38
Kill an acid antlion worker.
Anchor's Aweigh! Anchor's Aweigh! 0.37 05/18/2014 01:20:16
Get the airboat.
Liberation Liberation 0.36 05/25/2015 01:14:58
Complete game on any difficulty
Institutionalized Institutionalized 0.36
Complete "Institutionalized"
Crockets Are Such B.S. Crockets Are Such B.S. 0.36
Shoot two non-boosted crit rockets in a row.
The Molecular Level The Molecular Level 0.36
Complete "The Molecular Level"

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