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Crisis in the Kremlin

Crisis in the Kremlin: The AccidentCrisis in the Kremlin: Homeland of the Revolution

5.5 average hours needed for completion.

22 achievements worth of 44.49 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
As Marx bequeathed As Marx bequeathed Take the first step to communism 08/27/2017 18:48:35 1.90
Divide by zero Divide by zero Defeat NATO 08/27/2017 18:48:35 1.79
Zemshar Zemshar Get the final ending 08/27/2017 18:48:35 2.14
The right one Gorby The right one Gorby Get the ending "Perestroika" 08/27/2017 18:48:36 2.14
Sozialistische Weltrepublik Sozialistische Weltrepublik Have maximum amount republics in USSR 08/27/2017 18:48:36 2.14
Democracy Democracy Yeltsin shot, killed 08/27/2017 18:48:36 1.60
We will bury you! We will bury you! Get the nuclear ending 08/27/2017 18:48:37 2.05
Sworn friends Sworn friends Put Trotsky's ashes into the Mausoleum 08/27/2017 18:48:37 2.05
Abu Dhar al-Ghifari Abu Dhar al-Ghifari Islam is the pillar of society 08/27/2017 18:48:37 2.05
H for History H for History Destroy the USSR in 1991 (Parade of Sovereignty) 08/27/2017 18:48:37 2.14
Two chairs Two chairs Maximum loyalty of right and left wings both 08/27/2017 18:48:38 1.63
October? What is it? October? What is it? Orthodoxy is a state religion, idolization of personality, vozhdivizm, the ruler adopts laws, appointment for life, autonomy, rejection of trade unions 08/27/2017 18:48:38 2.14
Evil twin Evil twin Playing as Sakharov - build a sharashka consisting of scientists 08/27/2017 18:48:38 2.05
Pyrrhic victory Pyrrhic victory Win in 1996 with a minimum number of republics in the USSR 08/27/2017 18:48:38 2.14
The market decided The market decided Reform the country in the western type and get NATO invasion (UN Peacekeeping Mission) 08/27/2017 18:48:39 2.05
The wall is our goal! Today! The wall is our goal! Today! Trump is a President and Mexico is pro-soviet 08/27/2017 18:48:39 1.97
Genius Genius Make the whole world pro-soviet, and then destroy the USSR 08/27/2017 18:48:39 2.05
What is the year now? What is the year now? Leadership; Generalisimus; The erection of ideology in the rank of religion; The whole branch of the KGB was investigated; Lies about the outside world; DEFCON 1; Persecution of dissidents; 08/27/2017 18:48:40 2.14
Et tu, Brute? Et tu, Brute? Sell technologies and weapons to China; China is pro-soviet; Get an invasion of the Far East; 08/27/2017 18:48:40 2.05
Developed socialism Developed socialism Win as Brezhnev with leading conservatives fraction 08/27/2017 18:48:40 2.05
Fight fire with fire Fight fire with fire Yakovlev is the second secretary; The liberal faction is in the lead; Western democracy; Market economy; Destroy NATO with this; 08/27/2017 18:48:41 2.14
Welcome... Again. Welcome... Again. Playing as GKCHP - return all countries into WPO. 08/27/2017 18:48:41 2.05

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