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Jolly Rover

7.4 average hours needed for completion.

16 achievements worth of 17.17 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Coin Collector Coin Collector Found all pieces of eight 1.34
Cracker Packer Cracker Packer Found all crackers 1.41
Flag Waver Flag Waver Found all pirate flags 1.34
Maximum Score Maximum Score Earned maximum score 1.45
Dashing Escape Dashing Escape Escaped Howell's Ship 0.76
Yo Ho Ho Yo Ho Ho Joined a pirate crew 0.94
Masquerade Masquerade Infiltrated pirate stockade 0.97
Captain Rover Captain Rover Sailed to Shipwreck Island 0.99
Treasure! Treasure! Found Silvereye's treasure 1.02
Turtle Steed Turtle Steed Rode a sea turtle 1.02
Invented Trampoline Invented Trampoline Invented the trampoline 0.90
Clown Pirate Clown Pirate Defeated DeSilver 1.02
Skull Cracker Skull Cracker 3x coconut knock-out 1.13
Ballooning Ballooning Escape in a hot air balloon 1.02
Adventure Gamer Adventure Gamer Completed game without hints 1.21
Bon Voyage Bon Voyage Sent a shipmate on a trip to remember 0.65

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