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Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble with Clones DLC


10 achievements worth of 1.55 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
B.A.M.F. B.A.M.F. Hold Your Position at Technically Legal using only melee attacks. 0.60
Public Enemy #1 Public Enemy #1 Destroy 45 Police and Swat Vehicles while protecting Jimmy's car. 0.01
Weird Science Weird Science Complete mission 'Weird Science'. 0.02
Eye of the Bee-Holder Eye of the Bee-Holder Spray 25 rabid fans with the Swarmitron. 0.07
Sting Operation Sting Operation Destroy 5 Steelport Guard vehicles during mission 'Tour de Farce'. 0.08
Tour de Farce Tour de Farce Complete mission 'Tour de Farce'. 0.08
Supaa-Excellent! Supaa-Excellent! Shoot down a helicopter with a Saints Flow fireball. 0.13
Send in the Clones Send in the Clones Kill a Brute using only melee damage while under the influence of Saints Flow. 0.23
The Johnnyguard The Johnnyguard Prevent Johnny Tag from taking damage on the Magarac Bridge. 0.22
My Pet, Monster My Pet, Monster Complete all missions for "The Trouble With Clones". 0.11

Achievement Stats 1.19
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20 crawler available

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