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Beat Hazard Ultra


22 achievements worth of 18.62 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Perk MAXED Perk MAXED Buy all the upgrades for a Perk 0.27
Cash Grab Cash Grab Get $10,000 in the bank 0.73
Completely Insane Completely Insane Complete a 4+ minute track on Insane difficulty 0.72
Tough Guy Tough Guy Complete a 4+ minute track on Suicidal difficulty 0.90
Reflection Reflection Reflect 150 projectiles with 1 Shield burst 0.84
Cool Tracks! Cool Tracks! Visit a musicians website from the Credits screen 0.75
A Real Mine Sweeper A Real Mine Sweeper Hit 50 mines in one track without losing a life 1.24
Tug of War Tug of War Have a 10 second tug of war with a Stalker 0.42
Boss Dance Boss Dance Survive with 4 bosses on the screen in Boss Rush mode 0.65
Striptease Striptease Strip 2 bosses of their turrets and keep them alive for 60s 0.72
Survive Christmas 5 Survive Christmas 5 In Survival Mode last 5 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station 0.45
Survive Christmas 10 Survive Christmas 10 In Survival Mode last 10 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station 0.48
Survive Christmas 15 Survive Christmas 15 In Survival Mode last 15 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station 0.82
Survive Christmas 20 Survive Christmas 20 In Survival Mode last 20 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station 0.88
Perks! Perks! Unlock all the Perks 0.63
Mad MAXED Mad MAXED Max out all the Perks 1.24
Death By A Thousand Cuts Death By A Thousand Cuts Get 10,000 kills using Micro Missiles 1.04
Death Star Death Star Get 10,000 kills using the Ultra Beam power up 1.22
Untouchable Untouchable Reflect 10,000 projectiles using the Reflect Shield power up 1.15
Ultra Beam of Death Ultra Beam of Death Kill 150 enemies with 1 Ultra Beam blast 1.22
Music Tour Music Tour Score at least 1,000,000 on each built in track 1.19
Boss King Boss King Get to Wave 30 in Boss Rush mode 1.04

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